Comdisco ComPLETE continuity

Disaster Prevention and Management

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Comdisco ComPLETE continuity

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Comdisco ComPLETE continuity

Comdisco, technology services company, has introduced a new family of software designed to help businesses with every stage of the continuity planning process.

Comdisco's range of six "ComPLETE" software tools aim to help businesses that have little or no knowledge of how to implement business continuity planning as well as those that have a sophisticated capability. The new tools offer support for the business continuity process from basic education, planning, and development to maintaining, implementing and testing the plans.

Malcolm Cornish, Head of Software Group at Comdisco, comments: "Continuity planning has become a key consideration for corporate decision makers in recent months, particularly in the light of recent IT issues such as Year 2000 and EMU. Businesses are increasingly looking to specialist providers for assistance in business continuity planning".

The innovative ComPLETE Continuity Resource, is the first CD-ROM-based business continuity education tool. ComPLETE BIA enables businesses to understand and analyse the impact that loss of key business functions will have and ensure that their continuity plans meet corporate objectives.

The plan development tools, ComPAS, REXSYS and the new CPT for Notes, provide the means to develop and maintain plans efficiently and effectively. REXSYS and CPT target Word and Lotus Notes environments respectively. CofnPAS supports organisations that do not have common standards and require a tool that provides a common and consistent structure for plan development.

Malcolm continues: "With our range of planning tools, we can match the needs of each customer rather than having a single offering that like Cinderella's glass slipper we need to force on to all our customers. The tools have been well received and we plan to introduce the final piece, ComPLETE Revolution, into Europe later this year".

ComPLETE Revolution is the world's first Web-based business continuity planning tool that enables multinational organisations to implement effective business continuity plans across the globe. This tool is robust and efficient when compared to traditional PC-based planning tools and, because of the unique way that it uses the latest browser technology, it eliminates the traditional constraints and frustrations of maintaining PC applications in disparate locations.

Contact: Alexia Maycock, Comdisco, 1000 Great Western Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9HJ, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 181 400 8000; Fax: +44 (0) 181 400 8111; E-mail:

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