Guide for standard disaster safety messages just released!

Disaster Prevention and Management

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Article publication date: 1 March 2000



(2000), "Guide for standard disaster safety messages just released!", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 9 No. 1.



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Guide for standard disaster safety messages just released!

Guide for standard disaster safety messages just released!

Major national organisations that study and communicate about disaster safety have joined to produce a new resource guide, Talking about Disaster - Guide for Standard Messages.

This guide provides standardised safety messages for 13 natural hazards and general disaster preparedness topics. The messages have been reviewed and approved by the National Disaster Education Coalition, which delivers disaster preparedness information to the public. Following each message are explanations, statistics, or reasons to reinforce the credibility of the message and correct myths and information. This project was undertaken because research shows when the public receives consistent information, it will prepare and respond when disaster threatens.

The coalition includes the American Red Cross, FEMA, Institute for Business and Home Safety; IAEM; National Fire Protection Association; NWS; US Department of Agriculture/Cooperative State Research, Education and Education Service; and the USGS.

Users of this resource may include emergency managers, meteorologists, teachers, disaster and fire educators, public affairs/public relations personnel, mitigation specialists, managers and officers, media personnel and/or any other person in the severe weather, earthquake, disaster, or communications communities. The safety information is intended for dissemination to the general public. All content is in the public domain. The Lowes Home Safety Council provided support for development of the guide.

Any local American Red Cross chapter can order additional copies of this guide from the Red Cross central warehouse: stock number A4461M. The cost is $3 per copy. You can access it at

(From AWARE, Spring, 1999 published by NOAA.)

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