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Direct Marketing: An International Journal

ISSN: 1750-5933

Article publication date: 22 August 2008


(2008), "Editor’s note", Direct Marketing: An International Journal, Vol. 2 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/dmij.2008.32502caa.001



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Editor’s note

Article Type: Editor’s note From: Direct Marketing: An International Journal, Volume 2, Issue 3

Issue 2(3) brings together four diverse papers in the areas of online retailing, direct-sales organizational characteristics and direct marketing channels. Charles Hofacker, in his paper “E-tail constraints and tradeoffs”, examines how off-line conceptual models of retailing have impeded both the theory and practice of online retailing and proposes a research agenda to address these constraints.

Hashim, Wok and Ghazali’s paper investigates organisational behaviour as a result of emotional contagion experienced by selected members in direct selling companies. Interestingly, it examines how members in a group are affected by the happiness of their high achievers, what factors influence the emotional contagion to occur, and what the effects of emotional contagion on individual, group and organisation work outcomes.

The final two papers offer country cases on direct media channels. Reinares and Ponzoa analyze the evolution of the associated costs of direct marketing in Spain and offer operational conclusions for the optimization of marketing budgets intended for the establishment of contact and/a relationship with the customer. Cônsoli and Neves, in their Industry Perspective paper, “A method for building new marketing channels: the case of ‘door-to-door’ in dairy products” detail the decision to implement door-to-door distribution in the yogurt and fermented milk sector in Brazil.