Introduction from the Editor

Direct Marketing: An International Journal

ISSN: 1750-5933

Article publication date: 3 April 2007


Keillor, B. (2007), "Introduction from the Editor", Direct Marketing: An International Journal, Vol. 1 No. 1.



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Introduction from the Editor

Introduction from the Editor

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the inaugural issue of Direct Marketing: An International Journal. Moving beyond the traditional journal format, which tends to feature basic academic research, this new journal will be a hybrid format with each issue containing articles rooted in studies based on scientific inquiry. At the same time, it will also contain perspectives on a variety of topics from industry practitioners, a profile of the direct marketing practices in a selected market, and a review of a current (or perhaps well recognized) book that might be valuable to anyone in the direct marketing community. By adopting this type of format, the Editorial Board and I hope that readers from a wide range of background and activities will find value in each and every issue. Along the way, we also have a clear goal of expanding the view of direct marketing and its unavoidable and ever-increasing importance within the marketing discipline.

The first issue contains three articles, each uniquely designed to help establish direct marketing as a mainstream activity, as well as providing some guidance for future research along with perspectives to make direct marketing activities more effective and efficient. The industry perspective deals with one of the areas of primary concern to direct marketers: ethics and social responsibility. As an emerging European market, Romania was selected as the country to be profiled from the perspective of marketing activities. Finally, the book review is a comprehensive look at Direct Marketing in Action (Praeger Press, 2006), a guide to all aspects of direct marketing.

A great deal of effort has been put into creating this new journal in what is rapidly becoming the most important area of marketing. Everyone involved, from the Editorial staff to the various authors, have focused on creating a publication that is of the highest quality and usefulness to the marketing community in general and the direct marketing community in particular. Please feel free to submit materials for review, and possible publication, at any time.


Bruce KeillorEditor