If you want to improve, train your brain

Development and Learning in Organizations

ISSN: 1477-7282

Article publication date: 27 June 2008




Iizuka, I. (2008), "If you want to improve, train your brain", Development and Learning in Organizations, Vol. 22 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/dlo.2008.08122dad.005



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If you want to improve, train your brain

Article Type: Abstracts From: Development and Learning in Organizations, Volume 22, Issue 4

Iizuka I.SMM - Sales & Marketing Management, January/February 2008, Start page: 22, No. of pages: 2

Purpose - To contend that advanced education will better equip sales managers to work with executives inside and outside their firm to plot a better path for the organization. Design/methodology/approach - explains why successful salespeople need guidance to help them redirect their skills into the challenge of managing a sales team when they are promoted to sales manager. Findings - even seasoned professionals need to update their skills, understand the changing nature of the people their teams are selling to, the complexity of buying cycles and the needs of an ever-smarter but ever-more-confused buying audience. Adds that companies now want sales managers who are as knowledgeable about the general business of the organization as they are about sales but they also want to see results and so are asking hard questions about the cost of sales training and its benefit to the organization. Believes that learning from industry peers is often the best education for a sales manager while being able to communicate value, and to understand the latest tools and techniques and how to sell on value while simultaneously dealing with rising costs and pricing pressures, are among the most critically important skills, as is the need to sell into the supply chain of industrial customers. Originality/value - asserts that by engaging in high-level adult education, people can develop the knowledge base and skill sets necessary to move into senior management. ISSN: 0163-7517 Reference: 37AF360

Keywords: Management development, Sales management, Training

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