Atotech’s new low-cost super concentrate – BondFilm™ MS 500 joins the BondFilm™ Family

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Article publication date: 16 August 2013



(2013), "Atotech’s new low-cost super concentrate – BondFilm™ MS 500 joins the BondFilm™ Family", Circuit World, Vol. 39 No. 3.



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Atotech’s new low-cost super concentrate – BondFilm™ MS 500 joins the BondFilm™ Family

Article Type: New products From: Circuit World, Volume 39, Issue 3

Since the first BondFilm™ product was launched in 1998, this product family has been a key contributor to success for Atotech. Atotech’s Surface Treatment Technology team recently launched a new product within the BondFilm™ family.

The BondFilm™ MS 500.

“BondFilm™ MS 500 is a super-concentrate that employs new additives on top of the standard organic system,” explains Dr Rami Haidar, Global Product Manager Surface Treatment Technology (STT), at Atotech Deutschland GmbH in Berlin, Germany. “This, in return, leads to a significant reduction in running costs, especially with large production volumes.”

The new product clearly differentiates itself from similar products due to:

  • Enhanced adhesion at “standard etch depths”.

  • Compatibility with a wider range of materials (High and Low Tg, Halogen-free) as well as with standard BondFilm™ equipment.

  • Competitive process costs.

Alpha Site tests

Alpha Site tests have shown a very good performance. The new BondFilm™ MS 500 offers, for example, very good adhesion along the copper loading curve in terms of initial peel strength.

Adding BondFilm™ MS 500 to the initial peel strength also offers great results with other test parameters, which are well-known from the BondFilm™ family. Amongst these are:

  • great thermal reliability;

  • acid resistance above 5 min; and

  • a broad copper loading window up to 28 g/L.

Beta Site tests

In addition to the standard R&D lab and Alpha Site tests BondFilm™ MS 500 was also tested extensively during a Beta Site with one of Atotech’s customers in China.

Multiple samples at several etch depths and conditions were run at the Beta Site. All peel strength requirements demanded by the customer for the different etch depths and conditions were met and even surpassed.

Additionally several requirements in terms of thermal reliability for the prepared samples were defined. Extensive tests showed that these requirements could also be surpassed by BondFilm™ MS 500.

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