Waterproof, high performance UV lighting

Circuit World

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Article publication date: 16 August 2013



(2013), "Waterproof, high performance UV lighting", Circuit World, Vol. 39 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/cw.2013.21739cad.003



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Waterproof, high performance UV lighting

Article Type: New products From: Circuit World, Volume 39, Issue 3

UV Light Technology Limited of Birmingham have just launched their brand new range of UV blacklights, which are ideal for inspection of clear conformal coatings on printed circuit boards (PCB’s) to check for uniform coverage.

Representing the very latest in innovation, this exciting new product range provides UV light irradiance levels previously not seen with this type of lighting technology and closes the gap on high intensity discharge lamps. This offers significant benefits due to excellent brightness of glow from UV blue tracer additives incorporated within many clear coats. This increases the probability of detection of areas missed during the PCB coating process as these areas will not glow. The high UV light output is due to an optimum combination of UV double tube configuration and high frequency electronic ballast, along with computer optimised full spectrum grade aluminium reflector and UV-A transparent acrylic cover.

All units are IP65 rated and therefore suitable for use in wet environments. They are supplied with maximum permissible UV light exposure times for unprotected skin and eyes. This enables organisations to meet their obligations for the safe use of UV light equipment under The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010. The UV tubes can be wrapped in clear UV-A transparent plastic to contain glass fragments and mercury in the event of breakage.

These units therefore offer quality testing departments an upgrade opportunity to improve processes, quality and health and safety.

The comprehensive range consists of four models in tube lengths from 300 to 1,210 mm and power levels from 18 to 72 W. Compact and lightweight, the UV lamps are constructed in aluminium for robustness and durability. Mounting brackets are provided for easy installation and adjustment to directly irradiate the required working area. Their modular design allows multiple UV lamp units to be used for large areas.

These products are part of UV Light Technology Limited’s wide range of ultra violet light equipment for a broad spectrum of applications.

For more information please visit: www.uv-light.co.uk

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