HMS-HDF-Tsunami-technology obtains yield-rate of over 99 per cent

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(2004), "HMS-HDF-Tsunami-technology obtains yield-rate of over 99 per cent", Circuit World, Vol. 30 No. 3.



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HMS-HDF-Tsunami-technology obtains yield-rate of over 99 per cent

HMS-HDF-Tsunami-technology obtains yield-rate of over 99 per cent

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HMS-Höllmüller has set higher international standards several years back with the development and introduction of their advanced Tsunami flooding system. At this year's Productronica Trade Fair, HMS introduced an entirely newly-developed HDF-Tsunami flooding technology following several months of successful testing.

With hole diameters becoming smaller all the time and the number of holes on the circuit board rising exponentially, combined with very high aspect ratios and holes of the smallest size – simultaneously employing a 100 per cent dependable through-hole technology – no limits can be set in circuit board production. Thus, this latest flooding system is setting a new technical standard.

Using a sophisticated geometry, the development team under the Managing Director Thomas Kosikowski, has managed to produce an extraordinarily effective flooding unit utilising a strong push-pull action through the holes of the circuit boards. An extremely high-pressure force of air presses the air of the holes of the circuit boards with a very high aspect ratio. This concept focuses primarily on treatment of holes, rather than working on the surface, which greatly reduces the consumption of chemicals.

Void rates of 2 ppm and less and processing holes of less than 0.3 mm in diameter can be achieved.

"The greatest challenge for us in further developing our proven Tsunami technology was to engineer a flooding system that guarantees a yield rate of over 99 per cent. Since the requirements to the PCB are forever increasing and the end-users expectation on ever-greater reliability and quality of their circuit boards, it is our greatest concern to deliver a system to our partners that guarantees a reliability close to 'zero defect"', says Thomas Kosikowski.

HMS utilises the HDF Tsunami technology in all its PTH lines throughout the world. This technology is based on a flooding duct with a cleverly devised geometry, particularly for removing the air bubbles in micro-vias and, with its simultaneously acting "push-pull" principle, subjects drilled holes to a threefold chemical treatment per flooding element.

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