IPC. Education, certification available at IPC printed circuits expo

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IPC. Education, certification available at IPC printed circuits expo


Education, certification available at IPC printed circuits expo

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For the first time, certification for IPC-A-600, Acceptability of Printed Boards, is available at IPC Printed Circuits Expo. The worker proficiency certification course is one of 24 tutorials being offered at Expo.

To date there have been more than 150 instructors certified through the IPC-A-600 training program; hundreds more have been trained as operators. Released a little more than a year ago, this is the first opportunity IPC has had to provide operator-level certification at Expo. "It's the only program for PWB manufacturers that provides a professional credential. It is an invaluable tool for those inspecting printed boards on the customer or supplier end," says IPC vice president of professional development John Riley.

The course curriculum is based on the IPC-A-600 standards, and covers "target," "acceptable," and "nonconforming" criteria for base material, plated and unsupported holes, conductive patterns and features, markings and solder resist conditions. Those who test successfully will receive a certificate of proficiency good for two years.

The IPC-A-600 course is a two-day course beginning April 2. Testing will take place on April 6. Other tutorials being offered at Expo include:

  • Pitfalls and Roadblocks to the Implementation of Microvia Technology - This course will highlight those processes necessary to successfully produce microvia boards. The major focus will be on wet processes and possible roadblocks to acceptable quality levels.

  • Substrate Selection Criteria for HDI Assemblies - Many factors are weighed when considering base materials for high density applications, including thickness, weight per square inch and thermal stability. This tutorial explores differences in these factors and offers guidance in choosing the optimum material for a given application.

  • Process Control in Printed Circuit Fabrication - This tutorial covers process control planning, process analysis, control and improvement tools, identification of process control parameters and implementation of process control methods.

  • Microvia and HDI: Material Selection, Fabrication Processes, and Design Guidelines - Design guidelines for three high density interconnect techniques: laser, photo-defined, and plasma etching.

For a complete schedule of tutorials visit the IPC Printed Circuits Expo Web site at www.ipcprintedcircuitexpo.org Registration can be completed at the Web site, or by calling +1 (847) 790-5361.

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