Lupi, S., Dughiero, F. and Baake, E. (2008), "Selected paper from HES-07", COMPEL - The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, Vol. 27 No. 2.



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Selected paper from HES-07

Article Type: Guest editorial From: COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Volume 27, Issue 2.

Selected paper from HES-07

International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources

After the previous editions held in 1998, 2001 and 2004 HES is becoming a traditional meeting for scientists and engineers dealing with the development and application of new methodologies for the solution of scientific and technical problems concerning the use of electromagnetic fields in the industrial heating and melting processes as well as in the electromagnetic processing of materials (EPM).

The technologies considered in this symposium are both traditional and innovative. In fact, if we look at the induction and conduction heating of electrically conducting materials, this is a very mature field where research tries presently to give answer to the pressing requests of manufacturing industries for the improvement of the quality and the efficiency of the existing processes and the development of new environmentally friendly techniques.

Another feature of this symposium is the enlargement of the presence of papers dealing with dielectric and microwave heating. This is the outcome from one side of a more close cooperation with the colleagues of EPM and AMPERE associations, but mainly to the increasing awareness of researchers of the effects of the high-frequency electromagnetic fields on materials, not only for heating purposes but also for promoting chemical reactions and sintering.

A third field of research dealt with the HES symposium is EPM, a field of research now in its adult age, concerning the use of electromagnetic fields in materials processing, where the interaction of different branches of science like electromagnetism, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, magneto-hydrodynamics and materials science is producing a very rapid progress.

Some number about the conference: 97 papers have been presented by authors coming from 20 different countries.

The 17 papers of this selection want to give to the reader a simple overview about the application of numerical methods to these fields with particular regard to solution of coupled problems. Moreover, some specific applications in the field of EPM and microwaves are presented in order to show also the technological news which are available for industry. Finally, some papers show the work done in the frame of an international team about the heating of aluminium billets using a new approach based on rotating fields produced by superconductive magnets. We realize that a so limited number of papers is not able to give the full comprehension about the topics which HES-07 dealt with but we hope that these papers will be sufficient to create the curiosity and the interest for this field.

Sergio Lupi, Fabrizio Dughiero and Egbert Baake

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