Facilitation Made Easy: : Practical Tips to Improve Facilitation Workshops

Career Development International

ISSN: 1362-0436

Article publication date: 1 June 1999




Cameron, E. (1999), "Facilitation Made Easy: : Practical Tips to Improve Facilitation Workshops", Career Development International, Vol. 4 No. 3, pp. 129-130. https://doi.org/10.1108/cdi.1999.



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Traditional management skills are becoming increasingly outmoded. The emphasis has moved away from fixed teams working in a linear fashion. The rise of the knowledge worker and flatter organizations create a new working climate in which tasks are far from predictable.

Managers need new skills to cope with these new challenges ‐ not least in the area of facilitation, which has become vital not only for the successful manager but also for the successful business consultant and technical specialist.

Facilitation Made Easy is a practical introduction to the skills needed when running a facilitated workshop. The publication will help readers to develop a facilitation style which is unbiased and non‐manipulative, allowing them to be in control without being over‐ powering.

The guide includes examples, tips for success and a self‐assessment guide. The publication helps readers to:

• understand the facilitator’s role;

• determine the style that suits his or her personal style;

• develop a good style for workshops;

• control an agenda and keep workshops running to time; and

• deal with difficulties.

The guide constitutes a self‐development tool for anyone involved in facilitation.

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