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Article publication date: 1 March 2000



Hardaker, G. (2000), "Internet editorial", Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 6 No. 1.



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Internet editorial

The Internet reviews to date have commented on a wide range of Internet sites focused on the area of business process management and it seems an appropriate time to reconsider some of the sites previously mentioned. The intention of this editorial is primarily to highlight some of the essential information sources on the Internet for business process management and secondly highlight some new Web resources.

Anderson Consulting - business process management

Functionally designed Web site offering useful information on various areas including business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing and applications management techniques. In addition, some interesting short case studies on a diverse range of situations.

Rating: 5

Business-process-management mailbase

Text-based discussion group managed by University of Warwick and funded through Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The discussion list covers various subject areas from economic cost modelling to knowledge and innovation management. It provides a focused forum that provides valuable information through discussion and dissemination.

Rating: 4

IBM business process management services

Interesting and informative Web site with a particular focus on outsourcing non-core office functions. Information and services include: e-business, IT consulting, and business transformation. The site continues a professional and quality Internet-based image through good design, clear navigation tools and, above all, extensive value-added information.

Rating: 5

Business processes resource centre

Excellent site offering in-depth information on various issues of importance. Also a useful gateway to other related centres. An essential visit for those interested in business process management or related areas. My only concern is the poorly designed Web site, showing little concern for ease of navigation and search for information. Not an efficient repository with regards to information searching and retrieval.

Rating: 5

SMG learning centre

Some interesting facts and ideas but needs greater depth of information on the issues being considered. The Web site indicates future potential, with a logical design and structure for further developments.

Rating: 2

Glen HardakerInternet editor

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