DMG’S HSC 55 V linear provides ultra-modern five-axis machining capability

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 4 July 2008



(2008), "DMG’S HSC 55 V linear provides ultra-modern five-axis machining capability", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 80 No. 4.



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DMG’S HSC 55 V linear provides ultra-modern five-axis machining capability

Article Type: Aerospace world From: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, Volume 80, Issue 4

DMG of Luton introduced new levels of simultaneous five-axis precision contouring at MACH 2008 in a futuristic machine design for processing materials as diverse as aluminium, hardened steel, copper and graphite. The latest Deckel Maho HSC 55 V linear, VMC has the added productivity enhancement of high speed, 80 m/min linear drives and high speed 28,000 rpm spindle technology. Based on a portal concept, the machine provides a large working volume of 450 mm in X by 600 mm in Y by 400 mm in Z.

Developed using thermo-symmetric techniques, the HSC 55 V linear has direct drive torque motors providing simultaneous swivel and rotary table movement of the 400 mm2 clamping surface unit with direct measuring systems to ensure the most accurate positioning and repeatability. The A-axis will swivel between +10° and −110° and the C-axis is able to rotate at up to 120 rpm with a maximum table loading of 200 kg. When in position, a fully integrated hydraulic clamping system is operated.

Through the advanced linear drive systems, rapid traverse rates are 80 m/min reached with an acceleration of 2 g. All drives and guideways are positioned on the outside of the working zone that provides a free fall and wash down of swarf into the machine base for extraction.

As standard, the 29 kW, 25 Nm torque HSK-A63 spindle will deliver 28,000 rpm with a higher power option available giving 46 kW and 80 Nm with a top speed of 18,000 rpm. At the other end of the scale, a high speed 42,000 rpm spindle is available with a 13 kW drive and HSK-E50 spindle nose. Pneumatic balance is incorporated in the Z-axis.

The spindle is serviced by a 16 pocket with optional 30 or 60 pocket magazines and chip-to-chip times are within 2.8 s. Laser tool measurement can also be supplied.

A pallet system is available to accept up to 20 workpieces for unmanned running with the automated loading system activated from the rear of the machine using the portal construction as a gateway into the working zone. This configuration ensures unobstructed access to the spindle and surrounding area.

Control is via DMG’s ERGOline system with large and exceptionally clear 19 in. flat screen display. This is combined with the DMG SlimLinePanel operating console enabling the operator to economically adjust the position of the screen and keyboard according to his working preference.

DMG’s SMART/key is incorporated into the system that provides personalised authorisation to the operator that can include relevant access rights of individual preparation of the control. Optional controls can be specified from Siemens with the 840D Solutionline or Heidenhain iTNC 530 incorporating 3D workpiece simulation.

Forming part of DMG’s new branding through design concept, the DMC 55 V linear incorporates state of the art scratch resistant brushed chrome surfaces and high-gloss black finish on surface hardened plastic guarding. This surrounds the safety glass panels that provide up to 40 per cent improvement in visibility of the working area.

Also available is a fully integrated seating support for the operator that folds away under the control.

Details available from: DMG (UK) Ltd, Tel: +(0)1582 570 661, web site:

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