Surface preparation equipment

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 16 May 2008



(2008), "Surface preparation equipment", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 80 No. 3.



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Surface preparation equipment

Article Type: Equipment and software From: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, Volume 80, Issue 3.

Wheelabrator Group reports that it is adding to its fleet of high-flying surface preparation equipment with the introduction of new technology, dedicated to the needs of the aerospace industry.

The doubled framed and Modul8 systems have been designed to maximise efficiency, promote ease-of- use and enhance cost effective production processes.

Rob Goodwin, UK field Sales Manager at Wheelabrator Group, said: “Aerospace companies are posed with difficult decisions when procuring new machinery, juggling efficiency and cost considerations, alongside maintaining a quality blast result.”

“We've designed our new double framed and Modul8 systems specifically to meet these challenging demands. They've been designed with the Customer in mind, offering flexible blasting solutions without compromising quality, efficiency or operating costs.”

The double framed set up allows component change over and blasting to occur simultaneously. While one frame is in the treatment process, the other can be loaded automatically or manually. This innovative blasting process is mostly performed by blast robots, especially for complex components, allowing continuous production. There is also no time lost for set up in between component change over, even with workpieces of different sizes.

Mr Goodwin said: “Enabling a streamlined, continuous machine operation, delivers substantial business benefits. The usual downtime can be avoided and labour can be allocated more effectively, significantly reducing the processing costs and time for each workpiece.”

The Modul8 principle features flexible modular walls and ceiling design elements, with a flat mechanical recovery system.

Mr Goodwin continues: “In this format, the cabinet has sufficient head room to enable operators full entry for easy maintenance access and setting up blast nozzles, but sits within a smaller machine footprint. This is achieved by directly attaching the dust filter unit to the housing. The machine can easily be accommodated within an existing factory set up and does not take up valuable floor space.”

“By using a flat recovery system, workpiece handling devices, such as turntables (with satellites) and travelling frames, can be installed at each side of the cabinet at an ergonomic height. Multiple axis nozzle manipulators and industrial robots can be installed on the roof or on one side of the blast chamber.”

“The most significant benefit for aerospace companies of our double framed and Modul8 systems is the flexibility inherent within these new technologies. This allows the format to be tailored to create bespoke equipment, adapted to meet the individual needs of customers and addressing quality, cost and efficiency concerns. All of this is based upon existing designs.”

For further information, please contact: Wheelabrator Group, Tel: +44 (0)161 928 6388.

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