Estimating tools produce faster and more accurate project proposals

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 21 March 2008



(2008), "Estimating tools produce faster and more accurate project proposals", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 80 No. 2.



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Estimating tools produce faster and more accurate project proposals

Article Type: Equipment From: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, Volume 80, Issue 2.

The need for faster and more accurate project proposals has led composites manufacturer, HITCO Carbon Composites to select Galorath's SEER for Manufacturing (SEER MFG) and SEER for Hardware, Electronics & Systems (SEER HW) project modelling applications to streamline its estimating operations.

Through the move, the company will utilise Galorath's decision support and process management tools with extended capabilities designed specifically for the composites manufacturing industry.

According to Linda Dooley, HITCO's Contracts Manager, the company prepared an average of 12 proposals per month during the past year and has recently expanded its estimating department to keep pace with demand.

“We believe that SEER tools will help us to handle this increased volume,” she said. “Time and accuracy are critical factors in submitting a bid. Missing a due date is often viewed as non-responsive normally excluding the bidder from consideration. Alternatively, winning a bid that you have underestimated can be problematic.”

Two other sources were evaluated before selecting SEER by Galorath. One of the deciding factors was SEER's effectiveness during trials. “SEER significantly reduced the bid- cycle time,” said Dooley. Another was Galorath's emphasis on service. “Galorath has been very responsive to questions, suggestions, needs and blue- sky expectations. Their staff not only listen, but hear what we are saying and make positive suggestions for resolving any problems,” she added.

“HITCO's early experience with SEER solutions shows that small to mid-size operations can quickly achieve bottom-line benefits from estimation software,” commented Galorath Vice President Brian Glauser.

Unlike most project tools which focus primarily on modelling functionality and workflow, Galorath has focused on delivering a family of applications that are designed to model and analyse project costs, effort and duration, as well as to help users ensure that their development targets are achieved. SEER solutions equip organisations with the tools and information needed to assess project feasibility, optimise project resources, monitor and adjust project processes, and improve the accuracy of project estimates over time.

SEER for Hardware, Electronics & Systems provides detailed insight into the cost drivers, effort and risk involved in hardware development, acquisition and integration. SEER MFG with Aerostructures Pro provides a direct- cost model focused on manufacturing processes, including more than 25 existing and emerging composite fabrication and assembly processes. As a result, engineers can reduce costs by performing an increased number of trade studies in a shorter period of time. Last year, at the Final Technical Review of the Composites Affordability Initiative a cooperative effort involving Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Phantom Works, General Electric's Engine Division and representatives from the US Air Force and Navy Galorath's SEER Aerostructures Pro was acknowledged as one of the three most significant technology transitions that had occurred as a result of the program since its inception in 1996.

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