PXI certification for Tester/Simulator Boards

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 1 August 2004




(2004), "PXI certification for Tester/Simulator Boards", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 76 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/aeat.2004.12776dad.011



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PXI certification for Tester/Simulator Boards

PXI certification for Tester/Simulator Boards

Keywords: Data Device Corporation, PXI Systems Alliance, Data networking

Data Device Corporation (DDC), a supplier of data networking products designed specifically for high reliability military and aerospace applications, has announced its membership of the PXI Systems Alliance. The Alliance was created in response to the needs of a variety of instrumentation and automation users who require increasing performance, functionality, and reliability from easy to integrate and simple to use compact rugged systems.

“By maintaining software compatibility with industry-standard personal computers, PXI allows our customers to use the familiar software tools and environments that they have used with our standard off-the-shelf data networking cards,” said Todd Decker, marketing manager at DDC.

DDC has already developed the software required to be a PXI certified vendor of MIL- STD-1553 Tester/Simulator Compact PCI boards with PXI standards in mind to assure quality and convenience. MIL-STD-1553 is the standard databus architecture used on the majority of the Western world's military aircraft and other equipment. The certified cards can be plugged into any PXI chassis where they will inter-operate with other similar cards with complete electrical compatibility. Typical of these is the company's BU-65570T card which is a two-channel Mil-Std- 1553 tester/simulator card which provides full intelligent interfacing in a CompactPCI format (Plate 1).

Plate 1 DDC's BU-65570T is a two-channel Mil-Std-1553 tester/ simulator card which provides full intelligent interfacing in a CompactPCI format

For further details, contact: Data Device Corporation. Tel: +1 631 567 5600; E-mail: info@ddc-web.com; Web site: www.ddc-web.com

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