New version of electronic, interactive training guide

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 1 October 2000



(2000), "New version of electronic, interactive training guide", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 5.



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New version of electronic, interactive training guide

New version of electronic, interactive training guide

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Whenever a new IT business system is implemented or a new package is added to an existing installation, a manufacturer will want to ensure that users can begin operating the new software and gaining benefits as soon as possible.

To help achieve this, Fourth Shift Europe recently announced the latest version of its Mentor 7, an interactive, multimedia training guide to using Fourth Shift e-RP, a Web-based supply chain management system based on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) backbone.

Delivered via interactive CD and incorporating Java-based technologies, Mentor 7 is reported to significantly reduce the time that is necessary to become familiar with the functions of the Fourth Shift e-RP system and its components. As a result, users can begin achieving measurable benefits from the system earlier and thus accelerate return on investment (RoI).

Mentor 7 from Fourth Shift complements conventional training methods, but its main advantage is that it may be accessed by the individual on a desktop PC whenever it is needed, independent of human supervision. For example, a new user of Fourth Shift e-RP may refer to Mentor 7 before, during or after classroom training courses to revise or speed up the learning process. Acting as a form of electronic manual, existing but casual users may wish to use the training package to quickly remind themselves about less commonly used functions.

"Fourth Shift e-RP is based on Microsoft Windows technology, so it is already easy to use", says Steve Waddington, product and marketing director. Fourth Shift Europe. "However, Mentor 7 is a cost-effective way to supplement or in some cases replace conventional training methods. It is also available at any time of the day or night, seven days a week and throughout the year. It can be networked, made available on a company's intranet or extranet and, being a CD, it is portable. The individual can use the electronic training package whenever he or she likes, independent of human resources and at a pace that best suits that person's learning abilities."

The multi-sensory design of Mentor 7 promotes knowledge retention. "People remember 20 per cent of what they see, 40 percent of what they see and hear, and 70 per cent of what they see, hear and do", says Waddington. "Mentor 7 provides an interactive, multi-sensory learning environment that enables users to learn faster by seeing, hearing and doing."

Fully narrated, Mentor 7 makes it easy to skim, study and review lessons. Users have the option of watching the steps of a task play out for them or interactively performing the steps themselves. Mentor 7 lessons include the "why" of a process, as well as the "how". New overview lessons glue individual pieces of a task together.

There is extensive coverage of the Fourth Shift product line including lessons on Backflush, Lot Trace, Custom Products, SQL System Backup, and engineering. Mentor 7 also contains a comprehensive glossary. "If you look up a phrase such as 'lot size day', the glossary will tell you in plain English what it means, where you see it, and what it does", explains Waddington.

It is thought that Mentor 7 will be of interest to any company that uses Fourth Shift e-RP and the management responsible for the selection, implementation and running of the system including IT, manufacturing and human resource managers.

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