Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 1 August 2000



(2000), "Abbreviations", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 4.



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ACAS Airborne collision avoidance system

ACE Actuator control electronic computers

ACO Airspace co-ordination order

ACSR Active control of structural response

AEA Aircrew equipment assembly

AJAM Aircraft jigs and media

AMSS Airborne mission support system

APU Auxiliary power unit

AQP Advanced qualification programme

ASM Autothrottle servo motors

ATO Air tasking order

AVM Airborne vibration monitoring

BITE Built-in test equipment

BVID Barely visible impact damage

CAMU Concurrent assembly mockup

CCD Charge-coupled imaging device

CCOC Engine combustion chamber outer casing

CCP Corrosion control programme

CDNU Control display and navigation unit

CEE Composite engineering environment

CFD Computational fluid dynamics

CFEM Composite fabric endothermic material

CFIT Controlled flight into terrain

CHDD Colour head down display

CLAWS Control laws

CMM Co-ordinate measuring machine

CPCP Corrosion prevention and control programme

CRM Crew resource management

CVR Cockpit voice recorder

DDA Dynamic dielectric analysis

DEFORM Design Environment for FORMing

DSG Design service goal

DTB Development test bed

DVI Direct voice input

EFIS Electronic flight instrument system

EGPWS Enhanced ground proximity warning system

ELMS Electrical load management system

EMC Electromagnetic coupling

EMDAP External maintenance data access panel

EMPT Electromagnetic pulse transformer

EMPTBA Electromagnetic pulse test bed aircraft

EMT Electromagnetic topology

ERAS Electronic reporting and analysis system

ERP Enterprise resource planning

ESG Extended service goal

FADC Full authority digital engine control

FBW Fly-by-wire

FDE Flight data excedences

FDR Flight data recorder

FEA Finite element analysis

FEM Finite element model

FEST Flight engineering systems trainer

FMCS Flight management computer system

F MS Flight management system

FPGAs Field programmable gat arrays

FPI Fluorescent dye penetrant inspection

FQIS Fuel quantity indicating system

FSFT Full-scale fatigue tests

FTR Fatigue type record

GASP Global aviation safety plan

GCAS Ground collision avoidance system

GLA Gusst load alleviation

GSM Generic systems management

HFDS Head-up flight display system

HIRF High intensity radiation

HMD Helmet mounted display

HSI Hue saturation intensity

HUD Head-up display

IMA Integrated modular avionics

IRP Integrated refuel panel

ISS Integrated sensor system

LAF Load alleviation function

LCF Low cycle fatigue

LEFT Life extension fatigue tests

LFD Limited function display

LPC Low pressure compressor

LRU Line replaceable unit

LVER Low voltage electromagnetic riveting

MED Multi-element-damage

MFD Multifunction display

MLA Manoeuvre load distribution

MMS Memory management system

MOI Magneto-optic imaging

MSD Multiple site damage

MTOW Maximum take-off weight

NGV Nozzle guide vanes

NOx Nitrogen oxides

NURBS Non-uniform rational B-splines

NVG Night vision goggle

NVIS-A Night vision imaging system

OLM Operational load measurement

OSA Open system architecture

PATS Proficiency assessment and training system

PCP Pilot control panel

PEAT Procedural event analysis tool

PFC Primary flight computers

PLA Power level angle

PSE Principal structural element

RDCs Remote data concentrators

RRTS Radar remote tracking system

RTB Rotor track and balance

RTM Resin transfer mouldings

RTOS Real-time operating system

SAETG Structural audit evaluation task group

SAM Safety argument manager

SCC Stress corrosion cracking

SCRJ Supersonic combustion ramjet

SEM Scanning electron microscopy

SIDs Supplemental inspection documents

SMDS Starch media dry stripping

SSIP Supplemental structural inspection programme

TAWS Terrain awareness and warning system

TCAS Traffic alert and collision avoidance system

TEMATS Test equipment management and asset tracking system

TIT Turbine inlet temperature

TLC Thermochromic liquid crystals

VAR Vacuum arc remelting

VIR Vacuum induction melting

VMS Vehicle management system

VSD Vertical situation display

WFD Widespread fatigue damage

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