Series of portable measuring arms

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(2000), "Series of portable measuring arms", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 2.



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Series of portable measuring arms

Series of portable measuring arms

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Faro UK, a subsidiary of Faro Technologies Inc., has announced the launch of two new series of FaroArm™ portable measuring system (Plate 4).

Branded Gold and Sterling, the new series of FaroArm claims levels of accuracy double those previously attainable. Along with the existing Silver Series, FaroArm now incorporates some 66 models. Designed for such diverse industrial applications as reverse engineering, multi-axis programming, prismatic and contour measurement, quality inspection, CAD-to-part comparisons and "fit checks", the new series of FaroArm represents probably the most comprehensive portable measurement solution currently available in the UK.

Plate 4 Faro UK has announced the launch of two new series of FaroArm portable measuring system

The FaroArm Gold Series comprises five models which range in accuracy from þ0.0010" (0.025mm) to þ0.0047" (0.119mm), with spherical working volumes from 4' (1.2m) to 12' (3.6m). The FaroArm four model Sterling Series offers accuracy ranging from þ0.0020" (0.051mm) to þ0.0066" (0.168mm). Spherical working volumes are from 4 ' (1.2m) to 10' (3.0m). Completing the line-up is the FaroArm Silver Series which, with its two models, provides spherical working volumes from 8' (2.4m) to 12' (3.6m) and accuracy ranging from þ0.0030" (0.076mm) to þ0.0070" (0.178mm).

The new series of FaroArm are available either as individual arms or within complete "FaroArm Turnkey System" packages. In addition to one point probe and two sizes of FaroArm ball probe, surface mounting plate and carrying case, each Turnkey System also includes FARO's unique AnthroCAM software, lap-top computer, training for two people and the company's standard one-year warranty plan.

Each FaroArm claims a wealth of features such as on-board digital signal processing for faster data processing, temperature monitoring and compensation of þ5 degrees/5 minutes, and FARO's patented zero reference sphere for custom probe calibration. Additionally, with FARO's on-board options port, accessories such as laser scanners, conductance, and touch trigger probes can be easily incorporated into the FaroArm measurement solution.

Constructed of anodised aircraft aluminium with precision bearings and featuring integrated counterbalancing for ease of use, each Gold and Sterling Series FaroArm model is available in any one of five axis configurations with Silver Series models available in any one of six configurations. An additional "Convertible Option" is also available for switching between two configurations to convert the instruments' existing six degrees of freedom into seven.

The FaroArm portable measurement arm provides accurate, reliable design and inspection capabilities in the field, on the shop-floor or at the worksite. Rather than taking parts to a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), the FaroArm offers the portability and flexibility to take the portable measurement arm directly to the part.

Points are collected by touching the probe of the articulated arm along the surface of any object, and are captured by the touch of two buttons on the probe's pistolgrip handle. Transducers at each of six joints combine to report three-dimensional data, giving the position (X, Y, Z) and orientation (I, J, K) of points. The collected data are read by FARO's own AnthroCAM software - a powerful, 3D CAD-based measurement, reverse-engineering, design and analysis package.

Details available from Faro UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1926 863036; Fax: +44 (0) 1926 851238.

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