CFD scenarios that engineers can simulate

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "CFD scenarios that engineers can simulate", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 2.



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CFD scenarios that engineers can simulate

CFD scenarios that engineers can simulate

Keywords: Algor, Software, Computational fluid dynamics, Mechanical engineering, Analysis, Simulation

Algor, Inc., maker of software for mechanical engineers, recently announced that its fluid flow analysis software is now available with capabilities that enable engineers to perform a wider range of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses with greater ease-of-use. The new software reportedly enables engineers to input multiple load curves, consider the effects of gravity and take advantage of an auto-velocity scale calculator. Michael Bussler, president and CEO of Pittsburgh-based Algor, Inc., says:

Now, engineers will be able to analyze a wider range of scenarios when they simulate the flow of fluids by using the gravity and multiple load curve capabilities. Simultaneously, the auto-velocity scale calculator will make fluid flow analysis setup easier.

The new capability to define multiple load curves will expand the range of fluid flow analysis scenarios that can be simulated by enabling engineers to analyze cases in which models have multiple loads to consider, each of which operates on a different loading/unloading cycle. Take, for example, the case of a tank with valves controlling the flow of a fluid into and out of the tank on different cycles. Given the pressures over time at each valve, this scenario could be analyzed using two load curves - one to simulate the cycle of each valve.

The new gravity option enables engineers to consider the effects of gravity on 2- and 3-D models without simulating gravity with an applied pressure. Algor's easy-to-use Release 12 interface enables point-and-click application of a standard gravity load to any fluid flow model.

The auto-velocity scale calculator eliminates the need to estimate the maximum velocity that will be simulated so that engineers can more easily set up a fluid flow analysis. Engineers have the option of specifying the maximum expected velocity when they know that information in advance.

Algor's fluid flow analysis software enables engineers to simulate the flow of a fluid, for example air or water, around obstacles such as an airfoil or through hollow areas such as a pipe. Typically, engineers use this analysis type to study ways of reducing resistance to flow, thereby enhancing efficiency. With Algor's steady and unsteady fluid flow analysis capabilities, analysts can predict turbulent flow and laminar flow at the same time in the same model, obtaining Reynolds numbers of 1,000,000 or more.

These fluid flow capabilities are available for PC workstations running Windows NT, 95 and 98.

Details available from Algor, Inc. Tel: +1 (412) 967-2700.

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