Combination for assembly surface roughness and contours

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Combination for assembly surface roughness and contours", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 2.



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Combination for assembly surface roughness and contours

Combination for assembly surface roughness and contours

Keywords: Mitutoyo, Surface measurement

The new Mitutoyo Formtracer SV-C500/600 combination Surftest/Contracer unit is thought to be ideal for use in manufacturing operations where the total assessment of workpiece roughness and contour or shape is required. To move from one type of measurement to the other simply requires the detection unit to be replaced.

The main unit and data processing unit are the core common elements for both roughness and contour measurements. In practice, one Formtracer unit will take up only around 20 per cent of the worktop space of two individual Surftest surface testing and Contracer roughness testing machines.

The SV-C500/600 comes complete with multi-function analysis software, Surfpak and Formpak 1000, for both types of measurement. A report generation function can provide information on measured geometry, measurement conditions and assessed results.

Measurements can be performed easily even by inexperienced operators through the provision of simple mouse operation, shortcut icons and an online help function. The choice of model is dependent largely upon the degree of accuracy in measurement that is required. The SV-C500 standard series is provided with a high accuracy glass scale in the Z-axis detecting unit for contour measurement and has a resolution of 0.0002mm. The SV-C600 series is for "super-high accuracy" measurements and employs a holographic scale. Individual models can be specified for within the series, dependent upon the measurement range needed for any given component.

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