The Coatings 100, 2nd edition

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Article publication date: 23 May 2008



(2008), "The Coatings 100, 2nd edition", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 55 No. 3.



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The Coatings 100, 2nd edition

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Information Research (IRL) has recently published a second edition of its world paint industry and market review study, The Coatings 100. The publication is available in two volumes: part 1 provides an overview and up-to-date contacts for the world's top 100 paint companies and part 2 is a complementary volume which provides a statistical compendium of the world paint market in 2006.

The global paint market, as characterised on the basis of 90 countries being counted, amounts to just over 36 million tonnes, giving mean per capita paint consumption around the world at almost 6.6kg/head, as seen in Table I.

Assuming mean per capita paint consumption of 6.6kg/head and a global population of 6.6 billion, true world paint demand can be estimated at 43.4 million tonnes or approximately 34.7 billion litres:

  • Almost all of this rapid growth stems from the China effect, although the rising markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East also have a cumulative effect on the total.

  • The data shows the three main paint- consuming regions of the world passing through a point of roughly equal demand, with Europe, Asia and The Americas accounting for roughly 11.2 million tonnes or around 31 percent each of world paint demand.

  • Hereafter, Asia will emerge as the largest continental market after years of steady growth, although it should be noted that fantastic growth prospects in the Middle East make it the region with the highest mean per capita paint consumption figure.

The top ten of everything in the coatings markets around the world for 2005/2006 is summarised in Table II.

The Coatings 100, 2nd edition is now available from IRL, priced e2,000. The two individual volumes detailing the companies (part 1) and the statistics (part 2) are available to buy individually, price e1,000 each.

Sections from the report, priced individually, will soon be available to purchase online at IRL's web site:

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