Confocal Raman imaging and atomic force microscopy

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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Article publication date: 21 March 2008



(2008), "Confocal Raman imaging and atomic force microscopy", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 55 No. 2.



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Confocal Raman imaging and atomic force microscopy

Article Type: New materials and equipment From: Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Volume 55, Issue 2.

Witec, a specialist in high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy, introduces the Alpha500 and Alpha700 microscopy series for automated confocal Raman imaging and atomic force microscopy (AFM) on large samples. A motorised sample stage with a travel range of 150×100mm for the Alpha500 and 350×300mm for the Alpha700 allows multi-area/ multi-point measurements or overview scans on an arbitrary, user-defined number of measurement points.

Specific automated functions such as an integrated auto-focus and an automatic AFM-tip approach guarantee that standardised routine measurement procedures or manually defined sequences can be performed without any ongoing process control by an operator. The instruments significantly reduce the overall experiment duration and deliver a greater amount of data in a given time for resource-minimised routine research or high-level quality control, bringing results to market or publication even faster.

“Analysing the samples automatically significantly accelerates the measurement cycles in routine experiments, guaranteeing rapid problem solving and an efficient return on investment” says Klaus Weishaupt, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales at Witec. “The combination of confocal Raman imaging and AFM in an automated system for large samples is unique worldwide. For the first time it is possible to not only chemically but also structurally characterise large samples automatically for the most comprehensive and rapid surface inspection on the sub-micron and nanometer scale”.

Imaging applications involving systematic procedures and routine operations as well as large sample analysis benefit from the new automated design of the Alpha500 and Alpha700 series. Wafer inspection, pharmaceutical screening, standardised coating and thin film analysis along with forensics or tissue screening are just a few examples of a wide variety of applications. For high-resolution confocal Raman imaging and AFM measurements, a piezo-driven scan stage with capacitive feedback-control and dynamic position control (TrueScan) is incorporated.

In the Raman imaging mode, a complete spectrum is acquired in as little as 760ms at each image pixel, resulting in images consisting of tens of thousands of Raman spectra being collected in less than a minute. Differences in chemical composition will be apparent in the Raman image and can be analysed with a spatial resolution down to 200nm. By simply rotating the objective turret, AFM capabilities are accessible, supporting all standard AFM modes and ensuing high flexibility throughout the full range of AFM applications.

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