Metallisation equipment protecting ocean going trawlers

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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Article publication date: 21 March 2008



(2008), "Metallisation equipment protecting ocean going trawlers", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 55 No. 2.



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Metallisation equipment protecting ocean going trawlers

Article Type: Industrial news From: Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Volume 55, Issue 2.

Metallisation's Polish distributor, SciTeeX, has just supplied a repeat order to one of its customers, Malmor, to expand the metal spray process for a range of ocean going vessels. Founded in 1957 and privatised in 1989, Malmor, based in Gdansk, provides corrosion protection to a number of industries in Poland and other Eastern European countries. Originally concentrating on ships and ship repairs, Malmor has also diversified into other industries such as food, agriculture and energy. The latest marine related projects have involved rescue vessels, otherwise known as “floating hospitals,” fishing trawlers and fish processing vessels.

Corrosion is a major problem for the shipbuilding and fishing industries. Metallisation has the experience and understanding of how to protect this expensive equipment from the ravages of rust. To ensure the long-term anti corrosion protection of the ocean going vessels, Malmor, using Metallisation Arc 140 Arc Spray Equipment, metal sprayed various parts of the vessels with an aluminium and zinc coating. Many parts of the vessels are specified to be metal sprayed for improved safety, durability and hence life cycle costs. Metal spray is much more durable than paint and independent European standards (EN14713 and EN2063) show that a life to first maintenance of 20 years or more can be achieved in sea water splash zones. The deck and the hull, which sits above the waterline, have to be metallised to protect them against the harsh sea environment.

Other parts of the vessels metal sprayed included, the refrigerated sea water tanks, where fresh fish are stored on board, fish processing rooms, chutes into the fresh fish tanks, net winching sheaves and drums, masts and the trawl boards. Not only are these elements exposed to the harsh, destructive sea environment, but also to the daily ravages of wear and tear of the equipment used in the trawling process. The durability of metal sprayed coatings means that maintenance downtime to re-paint these areas is greatly reduced.

To ensure a metallised surface is effective, and to meet the long-term corrosion protection, it is essential to prepare the surfaces in advance. During the recent projects, the vessels and parts were either blasted with copper slag to SA 2.5 standard at the shipyard, or blasted with chilled iron grit to SA 2.5 in the state of the art blast room at Malmor site. The surfaces were then sprayed with a Metallisation Arc140 system using a coating between 50 and 200mm of Zinc/Aluminium alloy or pure Zinc. The final surface was then coated with a sealing layer according to the shipbuilding specifications. In some instance, a further topcoat of paint is specified and applied.

SciTeeX principle contact with Malmor, Janusz Bazela, says: “We are really pleased with the outcome of this project. The Metallisation Arc 140 system is ideal for the type of metallised coating that Malmor has to deliver to its shipbuilding customers. This is due to the strict specifications laid down by the supervising body of the shipbuilding industry. The Metallisation Arc140 equipment is so popular at the Malmor plants, they have recently purchased an additional Arc140 system. Malmor also uses the Metallisation equipment and processes with other customers to protect tanks, steel constructions and artistic blacksmith items, such as gates and fences.”

Metallisation has been synonymous with surface coatings since 1922. From its beginnings as a company providing an answer to corrosion problems on structural steelwork, successive generations of highly respected principals have led Metallisation to its current position, where it is respected as an expert in the technology of surface coatings.

Metallisation Sales Manager, Stuart Milton says: “Our distributor, SciTeeX, contacted us and explained the needs of the customer at Malmor. Due to its flexibility, ease of use and reliability, we had no hesitation in recommending the Arc140 system. The customer was trained on correct working practices plus basic preventative maintenance at Metallisation and on their site in Gdansk. Since, this time, both systems have worked well and are popular with the metal spray applicators.”

Metal or thermal spraying is a technology that protects or extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for safety and performance.

For further information on surface coatings or the Metallisation equipment and processes, please contact Stuart Milton on +44 (0) 1384 252 464 or visit:

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