Bayer Polymers LLC begins operations under new Bayer MaterialScience LLC name

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004



(2004), "Bayer Polymers LLC begins operations under new Bayer MaterialScience LLC name", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 6.



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Bayer Polymers LLC begins operations under new Bayer MaterialScience LLC name

Bayer Polymers LLC begins operations under new Bayer MaterialScience LLC name

Bayer Polymers LLC has begun operations in the NAFTA region under its new Bayer MaterialScience LLC name. Bayer MaterialScience LLC is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

The name change is part of a global Bayer Group reorganization announced in November 2003. Bayer announced that its business activities would be grouped into three areas: Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer HealthCare and Bayer CropScience.

Bayer MaterialScience is a global leader in growth markets serving the automotive, comfort, engineering thermoplastics, insulation, coatings, adhesives and sealants industries. Its key products include polyurethanes, polycarbonates, thermoplastic polyurethanes and coatings raw materials.

In addition, Bayer MaterialScience is the world's largest producer of aromatic isocyanates and polyether polyols, the chemical raw materials that produce polyurethane foams, and in polyurethane coatings raw materials, where Bayer is also the global leader. Polyurethane coating raw materials are used in long-lasting weatherable paints, coatings, sealants and adhesives used in automobile interiors and exteriors, construction, furniture, packaging, shoes and sports equipment.

The company is a global leader in capacity for polycarbonate, the versatile plastic used to produce CDs and DVDs, impact resistant sheet for construction and displays and in water bottles. Polycarbonate injection molding applications include automotive lighting, eyeglass lenses, food containers, lawn and garden equipment and medical devices.

The reorganization combined about one-third of Bayer's polymers businesses with most of Bayer Chemicals to form a new company called LANXESS Corporation. The polymer businesses going to LANXESS produce rubber products and chemicals, styrenics and semi-crystalline products.

Bayer AG plans to list LANXESS on the stock market by early 2005 either through a sale of LANXESS shares or the spin-off of LANXESS shares to Bayer AG stockholders.

H.C. Starck and Wolff Walsrode, two separate specialty companies formerly with Bayer Chemicals, now fall under the Bayer MaterialScience banner.

H.C. Starck produces metal and ceramic powders, nonferrous metals for sophisticated electronic applications and intermediate chemicals for advanced ceramics. Wolff Walsrode specializes in cellulose chemistry. Cellulose is a renewable raw material used in building materials, printing inks, surface coatings and personal care products.

“We are launching Bayer MaterialScience from a firm foundation,” said Gregory S. Babe, Bayer MaterialScience LLC President and Chief Executive Officer and Head of Bayer MaterialScience's NAFTA Region. “We hold leadership positions in key markets and have world-class plants and technologies and great people. There are ample opportunities for growth from new applications, including automotive window glazing, intelligent materials like self- healing paints, luminescent films and self-cleaning plastics,” he said.

“Bayer MaterialScience will focus on innovative growth markets and high-technology products to capture the future in bright, imaginative ways,” said Ian Paterson, a member of the Board of Management for Bayer MaterialScience. “Our prospects will be bolstered by worldwide investments of 3 billion euros between 2004 and 2006 in R&D, new facility construction, with particular emphasis on China, and plant maintenance,” Paterson added.

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