Thermoplastic coating breakthrough for automotive applications

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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(2004), "Thermoplastic coating breakthrough for automotive applications", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 4.



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Thermoplastic coating breakthrough for automotive applications

Thermoplastic coating breakthrough for automotive applications

Keywords: Thermoplastics, Coatings, Automotive industry, Plascoat Systems

Thermoplastic coatings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the protection of automotive components according to recent research.

Plascoat Systems and its two leading products PPA571 and New Talisman boast an impressive portfolio of applications that demonstrate they key protective qualities and environmental benefits to automotive manufacturers of using polyolefin based coatings over traditional substrates such as PVC.

The latest endorsement for Plascoat's Talisman comes from a specialist manufacturer of custom-made light guards for off road vehicles. Thermoplastic coatings such as Talisman offered unbeatable resistance properties to chipping and corrosion from salt grit and stones. Extensive testing revealed that such coatings can out-perform other coatings in terms of protective qualities, look and feel and cost.

For a number of years now, car manufacturers have used Talisman and PPA571 to protect the electrophoretic coating (e-coat) from damage on fuel filler pipes and in the search for higher performance, components traditionally coated in PVC coatings are now being coated with talisman and PPA571. Suspension springs and less obvious parts which are exposed to the elements can all benefit from the improved protection of thermoplastic coatings.

The latest generation of modular cars from Citroen that convert from a saloon to a cabriolet to a pick-up, use Talisman for coating the pillar sockets that accept the removable roof arches. It was the only coating that could withstand the repetitive impact stress without cracking or weakening.

Manufacturers like Ford and Jaguar also found that coatings such as PPA571 and New Talisman offered tactile qualities that make them ideal for coating inferior fittings such as handles for doors and steering wheel columns, providing comfort as well as protection. Another major benefit is that these coatings allow the metalwork to be recycled as, unlike PVC, the substrates are all recyclable themselves.

Major car manufacturers all over the world, including Renault, Citroen, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar and Ford are now using thermoplastic coatings from Plascoat Systems.

PPA571 and Talisman are available for both fluidised bed dipping and electrostatic spraying.

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