Quick Release Collet System

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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Article publication date: 1 August 2004




(2004), "Quick Release Collet System", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/acmm.2004.12851dad.004



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Quick Release Collet System

Quick Release Collet System

Keywords: Orbimatic, Welding, Equipment

If you are involved in or considering the use of orbital welding TIG welding equipment then the ORBIWELD range of fusion weld heads should be seriously considered (Plate 3). The ORBIWELD range offers many advantages over alternative products but the main thing that sets them aside from others is the “OrbiLOK Quick Release Collet” system.

Plate 3 ORBIWELD fusion weld heads and OrbiLOK system

The OrbiLOK system allows the operator to change a complete collet set in seconds as opposed to several minutes on the more old fashioned collet location systems. The OrbiLOK system eliminates the need for any tools and uses no awkward location screws.

When using the OrbiLok system the operator only needs one allen driver with him to change tube sizes. This is the allen driver used to exchange the tungsten electrode. At no time is the operator in any danger of losing any awkward parts of screws as these have all been designed out.

Because all ORBIWELD head also have a built- in control panel the operator does not need to return to the power supply to carry out any of his daily tasks. This means that when working in roof spaces of at heights downtime can be drastically reduced.

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