Novatech hot bonding controller thinks for itself

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Article publication date: 1 August 2004




(2004), "Novatech hot bonding controller thinks for itself", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 4.



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Novatech hot bonding controller thinks for itself

Novatech hot bonding controller thinks for itself

Keywords: Novatech, Bonding, Computing

The new Novatech Series 4300 Hot Bonding Controllers are notebook operated and provide a high level of smart supervision of hot bonding processes. Novatech hot bonders have been used in the Australian Defence Establishments for 10 years, including all the Royal Australian Air Force bases, and in Research Centres. The controllers have been allocated a NATO stock number.

The Series 4300 provide for three or six heated zones, utilising phase angle and burst firing to energise heater mats or infrared lamps. Computer control takes the guesswork out and replaces it with traceable quality repair management.

Point and click programs allow operators to:

  •  map the position of up to 16 thermocouples in three zones (or optionally 32 thermocouples in six zones) either by means of a configuration map mimicking the repair area, or via a table;

  •  automatically control cure times based on adhesive characteristic data;

  •  program and control the vacuum;

  •  map of heater/thermocouple repair can be saved and recalled later, along with digital photographs, text and spreadsheet documents;

  •  choose heater control on the basis of highest reading, or average of all thermocouples-in-zone;

  •  select from up to 100 pre-programmed control cycles of up to six ramp and soak steps, with the vacuum programmable at each stage; and

On-screen monitoring and reporting of the hot bonding process is designed to maximise information. For example:

  •  a graphs screen that shows all the zone control temperatures, coldest (accept) temperature and vacuum level versus time;

  •  a configuration map screen that shows the repair shape, heater zones, and thermocouple locations with temperature-based, colour-coded flags showing the actual temperatures.

  •  a table displaying all enabled thermocouple temperatures, zone power and adhesive type employed;

  •  estimated finish time, run time and stage time;

  • a Log screen that records all alarms, periodic logs and operator changes; and

The Novatech Series 4300 Hot Bonding Controllers can run from 85 to 265 VAC (single or three phase), 10 A per zone, 7.2 kW aggregate heater power at 240 V (3.3 kW at 110 V) and earth-leakage protection on each zone (Plate 1). Any printer can be used to print the graphs, repair map, log reports during or after the repair (Plate 2). The notebook computer can be stored in the control case with the total assembly weighing approximately 15 kg.

Plate 1 Novatech Series 4300 Hot Bonding Controllers

Plate 2 Novatech Hot Bonding Controller – repair map layout

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