Adhesives aid wind-turbine manufacture

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(2004), "Adhesives aid wind-turbine manufacture", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 3.



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Adhesives aid wind-turbine manufacture

Adhesives aid wind-turbine manufacture

Keywords: Adhesives, Turbines, Manufacturing

Delo's range of epoxy and polyurethane adhesives is available to aid the UK's wind turbine manufacturers.

Greenpeace recently stated that the wind blowing around Britain's coasts could produce three times more electricity than the country currently using it.

The group proposes an initial target of generating 10 per cent of electricity from offshore wind by 2010.

The Delo range of epoxies and polyurethanes offer high strength, high gap bridging, good corrosion resistance and reduced weight.

Inseto has introduced Delo adhesives to the UK's wind turbine manufacturers and will be attending renewable energy and wind supply chain seminars throughout 2004 to learn more about the UK's renewable energy plans.

The range to date consists of two main product groups.

Delo-Duopox is a two-part epoxy, which can be used for bonding the rotor blade to the turbine flange.

Delo-Pur is a two-part polyurethane currently under test as a structural filler/adhesive to finish the leading edge of the rotor blades.

Both these products offer: high strength under static and dynamic conditions; excellent chemical and moisture resistance; and with a temperature range of −40-+100°C long-term use, they can withstand the harshest of environments. With the weight saving from traditional fixing methods this makes them an ideal choice. The product characteristics and Delo's industry knowledge of wind turbine manufacture make Inseto ideally placed to offer technical expertise in this rapidly expanding UK market.

Inseto and Delo offer a wide range of adhesives and equipment, which may be used in many other areas of wind turbine production.

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