Hot dip galvanizing sweeps away risk of corrosion

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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Publication date: 1 October 2000




(2000), "Hot dip galvanizing sweeps away risk of corrosion", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 5.

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Hot dip galvanizing sweeps away risk of corrosion

Hot dip galvanizing sweeps away risk of corrosion

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Peterborough-based East Anglian Galvanizing Ltd is undertaking a major contract that reportedly will help give a new type of specialised road sweeping vehicle a long, corrosion-free life in tough working conditions.

The job has resulted from a close working partnership the company has forged with the customer in order to produce the optimum design and high quality end result.

East Anglian Galvanizing is hot dip zinc galvanizing the main chassis and other major components for the Swingo compact roadsweeper (Plate 4) which went into production at the Peterborough plant of Schmidt UK Ltd early in 1999 and which is now in popular demand from local authorities, sweeping contractors and other users world-wide. Already over 250 have been sold.

Plate 4 Hot dip galvanizing sweeps away risk of corrosion

The diesel-engined Swingo, Schmidt's fourth generation of sweeper, has been designed from the road up, with everything built around the strong but relatively lightweight ladder construction main chassis at the heart of the machine. This measures 3 metres long 1m wide 1.5m high and is made of high strength mild steel, fully MIG welded. East Anglian Galvanizing is galvanizing the chassis, in a single-dip immersion, as well as the suction nozzle and 11 other components.

Robert Mohan, general manager at East Anglian Galvanizing, explained: "Our expertise, and our ability to hot dip or spin galvanize the varied range of components making up the vehicle, means that we have been able to offer a complete service which has dovetailed in with Schmidt's design and manufacturing processes.

"The end result is the culmination of a continuing process of dialogue and consultation with the customer, from the original inquiry right through to the successful launch of the new product".

All the Swingo vehicle systems are hydraulically powered. There is a high level of comfort and ease of operation for the driver.

The roadsweepers – which can also tow gritters in winter – are compelled to work in highly corrosive environments, exposed day-in and day-out to grit, salt, dirt and lots of water, with the suction nozzle very close to the road surface. Sweeping machines are not always treated by operators with the best of loving care.

Schmidt UK is said to have opted for hot dip galvanizing as the best method of preventing corrosion on its new model because of the process's ability to give material a very long rust-free life, its overall coating and attractive clean finish, and its long-term cost advantages over other methods.

Experts from East Anglian Galvanizing worked closely with the firm at different stages of the project, advising on venting the chassis and other aspects, from concept and design right through to prototype testing.

Dave Stacey, production engineer at Schmidt, said: "The Swingo was designed in-house and, from the outset, we made a decision to achieve the best corrosion resistant finishes. For the chassis, the suction nozzle and chassis outriggers, this meant we had to go to galvanizing. In collaboration with the galvanizers, we refined the chassis design to make best use of the dimensions of East Anglian's hot dip bath".

"As far as corrosion protection and everything else are concerned, we have met and exceeded all our targets with the new design".

Andrew Jenkinson, Schmidt UK's sales and marketing director, explained: "Our Swingo sweeper was designed with low cost of ownership in mind. In addition to the many galvanized components, we specified electrophoretic paint schemes, and made extensive use of aluminium, stainless steel, rotary moulded polymer tanks and PVC panels to keep corrosion at bay. Our intention was that the Swingo shall be corrosion resistant throughout a long working life, and that's where galvanizing will play a major role".

Details available from: East Anglian Galvanizing Ltd, Tel: + 44 (0) 1733 522219; Fax: +44 (0) 1799 522247.