New products from Elcometer

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New products from Elcometer

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Elcometer Instruments Ltd., applying its policy of continuous product improvement, has developed a new approach to the paint inspection gauge with the introduction of Elcometer 141 (Plate 3).

Plate 3 The Elcometer 141 paint inspection gauge

In many cases, destructive coating thickness measurement, using simple trigonometry to assess the depth of a cut by measuring its width, is the only way to determine coating thickness on materials such as concrete, wood, plaster, brick, etc.

The Elcometer 141 has a novel design to apply the cutter to the coating with balanced weight distribution to ensure a consistent cut and incorporating an easy to grip handle, which can be used in either the right or left hand. The handle can also be used with the cutters supplied with the Elcometer 107 crosshatch cutter kits making this design both versatile and convenient.

Three tungsten carbide cutters are supplied with the PIG, the spare cutters being housed in the handle when not in use. These cutters, numbers 1, 4 and 6, cover the coating thickness ranges 20-2,000Cµm, 10-1,000Cµm and 2-200µm. An imperial scale version is available and the equivalent English unit ranges are 1- 79 mil, 0.5 - 39 mil and 0.1 - 7.9 mil.

Supplied as a complete kit, the Elcometer 141 can be used in accordance with BS EN 3900 Part CS-5B, ISO 2808-5B and ASTM D4138. The kit includes a stand-alone microscope with a suitable graticule for measuring the width of the cuts, a marker pen for highlighting the surface of the coating when inspecting the cut and an optional carry case.

Also new from Elcometer are two new thermometers which have been added to its Climatic Group of instruments. The Elcometer 212 (Plate 4) is a digital, pocket thermometer for either surface or material temperature measurement and the Elcometer 214 (Plate 5) is an infra-red digital thermometer for the non-contact temperature measurement of surfaces.

Elcometer 212 is described as a simple, low-cost, lightweight, battery-powered, k-type thermocouple thermometer. It has options for either an integral surface temperature probe or an integral needle probe. A NAMAS traceable calibration certificate for five temperature values across the scale can be supplied if required and the instrument is available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units with an automatic time out to conserve battery power.

Plate 4 The Elcometer 212 digital pocket thermometer

Elcometer 214 is said to be a simple to use, hand-held, battery operated thermometer which safely and accurately measures surface temperatures without the need to contact the surface. Using infrared technology, the energy emitted by the surface is detected by a sensor and converted to a digital temperature measurement in less than a second. The user can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units as required and the thermometer has a fixed emissivity of 0.95 suitable for most coated materials.

The infrared optics of the 214 has a 3:1 ratio with a minimum target area of 25mm (1") diameter. This means that the distance between the target and the thermometer for a target area of 25mm is 75mm (3"). If this distance is increased to 300mm (12") then the target area is increased to 100mm (4") diameter.

Plate 5 The Elcometer 214 infrared digital thermometer

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