Gemini specify Airblast rooms

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(2000), "Gemini specify Airblast rooms", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 4.



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Gemini specify Airblast rooms

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The installation of two new Airblast blast rooms has, we are informed, enabled blast cleaning and coating specialists, Gemini Corrosion Services to not only meet an increasing demand for its services but also diversify and offer specialist surface treatments such as shot peening and bead blasting.

When Gemini Corrosion Services, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, who specialise in servicing the requirements of the offshore oil industry, were planning to open up a new factory in Montrose, Angus, a great deal of thought was given to the blast room.

After studying various alternatives, the company installed an Airblast 20m long x 8m wide x 6m high blastroom complete with Airflex "sweep" media recovery system.

We understand that the technically advanced Airflex system was a major factor in securing the order. Available in varying lengths and widths it features scraper sections which combine a rake support with a flexible scraper giving a braced and highly durable flexible blade which sweeps the abrasive media down the room into a transversal corridor and then to a bucket elevator. Reusable media is then recycled to the blasting machines via the cleaner unit and any dust and debris removed to the dust arrester for disposal.

Said to be virtually silent in use, Airflex floors are located below a heavy duty grill and require a depth of just 130mm, keeping civil engineering work to a minimum. Prior to ordering, engineers from Gemini Corrosion Services were able to visit a number of units operating successfully in Europe and were able to satisfy themselves of the efficiency of the system.

Gemini also secured a contract for shot peening steel subsea connectors and realised that they would need an additional dedicated blast enclosure to complete this order.

As there was no guarantee that this type of contract would be repeated, a low cost blast room installation was required which would also be versatile enough to carry out other specialised surface treatments such as bead blasting.

Using a standard steel container Airblast were able to supply a self contained blast room based on their Contain "A" blast design. The 8ft x 8ft x 20ft container was fully refurbished, rubber lined and fitted with a blast machine and grit recovery/wash system - all located behind heavy rubber curtains at one end of the room. A dust arrestor was located outside the room to ensure maximum internal space.

The technique for shot peening is very precise with tight control of media flow and size essential. All debris, undersized and broken down glass or ceramic bead particles must be removed and although the Airblast installation was manufactured to a tight budget, the efficiency of the media separation and-recycling system is said to be such that shot peening is being carried out efficiently.

Details available from: Airblast, Tel: +44 (0) 1778 560650.

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