High performance coating opportunities

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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(2000), "High performance coating opportunities", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/acmm.2000.12847baf.002



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High performance coating opportunities

High performance coating opportunities

Keywords: Lanemark, E/M Coatings, Coatings

Close co-operation between leading process gas burner manufacturer, Lanemark International, and engineering coating specialist, E/M Coatings, is set to open up new opportunities for the application of high performance coatings.

The combination of Lanemark gas burner technology - particularly its temperature controllability - and the experience which has seen E/M Coatings grow to become a leading company in the industries in which it operates will, say the companies, enable a broader range of industry to benefit from high performance coatings technology.

Lanemark believes that apart from excellent temperature control, efficient energy consumption is recognised as one of the principal benefits of its process gas burners. Lanemark manufactures and supplies both oven heating systems - its forced-draught (FD) range - and tank heating systems, the TX series. Both are operational at Evesham-based E/M Coatings and are said to contribute directly to the high levels of application expertise which the company believes is at the heart of its success. It is a track record, indeed, which has led directly to plans to relocate to larger premises nearby, thereby helping it to develop its marketplace further still.

Barry Woodall is Director of Operations at E/M Coatings and draws attention to the company's use of one particular coating which, as a result of its work with Lanemark, is now set to become more widespread.

"We are seeing more and more opportunities for Everlube H610, a chemical resistant fluoropolymer coating, to be applied to a wide range of our customers' components", he says. "Application of the chemical depends in no small measure on effective curing which in turn cannot be separated from the oven controllability provided by the Lanemark FD burner design." The company receives components from a wide range of customers in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, medical and petrochemical.

"A Lanemark FD burner system is fitted to one of our larger ovens which was supplied by Mindon Ovens. Our work with Everlube H610 has focused to date on relatively large components which, after spraying, are transferred into the oven for curing. Temperature control is vital with a range between 274°C and 302°C required depending on precise application needs. The Lanemark burner installation allows us to reach this temperature and then hold it within a 5°C range - ideal for the curing to take place.

"The benefits enjoyed by our customers as a result of the use of this particular chemical include extended component life through excellent corrosion and chemical resistance." E/M Coatings has extensive experience of working with Lanemark - its TX tank heating systems have been operating successfully at the Evesliam plant for many years.

Coincidentally, Lanemark itself is one of the first companies to benefit from new technology. Apart for the organisations' joint work with Everlube H610 in new market areas, Lanemark's own TX burner series tubes are now coated, where necessary, with the same chemical by E/M Coatings. "Clearly we are benefiting directly from our own work together", comments Lanemark Director, Adrian Langford. "The use of the chemical provides greater corrosion resistance for our tubes compared with the alternative use of relatively expensive alloys.

"The requirements of E/M Coatings are highly specific as the company tends to focus on specialist applications", continues Adrian Langford. "We also have considerable experience in developing business in specific market areas and look forward now to an informal association between our two organisations to bring the benefits of our technology and E/M Coatings' capability to as wide a range of industry as possible."

Details available from: Lanemark International Ltd. Tel: +44 (0) 1203 352000; Web site: www.lanemark.com

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