Post-phosphate chrome-free rinse

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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(2000), "Post-phosphate chrome-free rinse", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 2.



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Post-phosphate chrome-free rinse

Post-phosphate chrome-free rinse

Keywords: Chemetall, Surface treatment, Steel, Zinc, Aluminium

Chemetall Ltd has introduced Gardolene D 6870, a new addition to its extensive range of metal surface treatment technology. Gardolene D 6870 is described by the company as a new chrome-free post-rinse specially formulated for use after phosphate pretreatments on steel, zinc-coated steel and aluminium. Chemetall informs us that it will substantially improve performance characteristics of any subsequent paint coating.

Gardolene D 6870 is said to be suitable for use following zinc phosphating or alkali-metal phosphating. It may be applied either by spray or immersion, and is supplied as a one-pack liquid concentrate.

Following completion of the phosphating process and a water rinse, the work is sprayed or immersed in the Gardolene working solution for around 30 seconds, at a temperature normally within the range of 20°C to 45°C, depending on the nature of the work being treated. Following this treatment, the work may either be rinsed in deionised water prior to painting and/or drying, or may be used as a no-further-rinse process. The Chemetall engineers will be able to advise on whether or not this final rinse stage is required, as well as the most suitable temperature for the particular installation and nature of the work being processed.

Details available from: Chemetall Ltd. Tel: +44 (0) 1296 399233; Fax: +44 (0) 1296 399211.

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