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(2009), "Patent abstracts", Assembly Automation, Vol. 29 No. 4.



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Patent abstracts

Article Type: Patent abstracts From: Assembly Automation, Volume 29, Issue 4

Title: Articles and assembly for magnetically directed self assembly and methods of manufacture

Patent number: US2008135956

Publication date: June 12, 2008

Applicant: Gen Electric


A functional block for assembly includes at least one element and a magnetic film attached to the element and having a magnetic remanence of less than about 0.2, having a coercive field (Hc) of less than about 100 Oe and having a permeability (mu) of greater than about two. At least one element is selected from the group consisting of a semiconductor device, a passive element, a photonic bandgap element, a luminescent material, a sensor, a micro-electrical mechanical system (MEMS), an energy harvesting device and combinations thereof. An article for assembly includes a substrate and a patterned magnetic film disposed on the substrate and defining at least one receptor site. The patterned magnetic film is magnetized primarily in a longitudinal direction and is characterized by a BH product of greater than about 1 MG Oe.

Title: Component adjusting device for use in motor vehicle, modifies and verifies adjustment of component of motor vehicle depending on detected position of passenger by surrounding sensor system that is formed as optical scanners

Patent number: DE102007050075

Publication date: April 23, 2009

Applicant: Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG


The device modifies and verifies adjustment of a component of motor vehicle: (1) depending on detected position of a passenger by a surrounding sensor system; and (2) that is formed as MEMS. The system produces infrared (IR) light pulses and guides the IR light pulses to a seat area of the passenger over a mirror, where the reflected IR light pulses are detected by a photodiode and evaluated in the device. Time between the transmitted and the reflected IR light pulses are detected and evaluated.

Title: Surgical instruments including MEMS devices

Patent number: AU2009200903

Publication date: March 26, 2009

Applicant: Tyco Healthcare


Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one MEMS device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the condition and/or parameter.

Title: Four-arm type MEMS micro-gripper integrated with piezoresistive micro-force tester

Patent number: CN101327592

Publication date: December 24, 2008

Applicant: Harbin Inst. of Technology


The present invention provides a four-arm MEMS micro-holder integrated with micro-force detection with piezoresistors, which comprises an electrostatic comb dent-driving structure, an end-holding structure, a supporting structure and a force detection structure. The electrostatic comb dent-driving structure is composed of static dents and dynamic dents; a voltage is loaded on the static dents and the dynamic dents; under the function of electrostatic force, the dynamic dents move toward the static dents. The end-holding structure is provided with four holding arms; wherein, the two middle holding arms are driven by the dynamic dents to approach the holding arms on both sides in order to fulfill holding; the holding arms on both sides are fixed and integrated with piezoresistors to detect holding force. The supporting structure suspends the dynamic dents and has a supporting function, and after the electrostatic force disappears, the supporting structure utilizes the owned elasticity to restore the dynamic dents back to the original positions. The force detection structure is the fixed arm of the holding end, both sides of the root of the fixed arm are integrated with sidewall piezoresistors in order to realize the detection on holding force, and wherein, the piezoresistors have the advantages of simple structure and technique and good integration. The whole structure of the four-arm MEMS micro-holder is processed on a piece of monocrystal line silicon and linked with the monocrystal line silicon by silica glass, thus realizing the supporting and insulation of a silicon structure.

Title: Micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) pressure sensor for footwear

Patent number: US7426873

Publication date: September 23, 2008

Applicant: Sandia Corp.


Footwear comprises a sole and a plurality of sealed cavities contained within the sole. The sealed cavities can be incorporated as deformable containers within an elastic medium, comprising the sole. A plurality of MEMS pressure sensors are, respectively, contained within the sealed cavity plurality, and can be adapted to measure static and dynamic pressure within each of the sealed cavities. The pressure measurements can provide information relating to the contact pressure distribution between the sole of the footwear and the wearer's environment.

Title: Energy storage devices and composite articles associated with the same

Patent number: US2008212261

Publication date: September 4, 2008

Applicant: Rensselaer Polytech. Inst.


Embodiments of the invention relate to energy storage devices, e.g. capacitors and batteries, that may include a composite article of elongated conductive structures embedded in a polymer matrix. In some embodiments, a liquid containing ionic species may be dispersed within the polymer matrix of the article. The liquid may contact the elongated conductive structures within the polymer matrix. When the composite article is used as an energy storage device, the large surface area at the interface between the elongated conductive structures and the liquid can provide high-energy storage. Embodiments of the invention enable storing energy using a composite article that exhibits both high and low temperature stability, high cyclic repeatability, and mechanical flexibility. The composite article can also be non-toxic, biocompatible and environmentally friendly. Thus, the composite article may be useful for a variety of energy storage applications, such as in the automotive, RFID, MEMS and medical fields.

Title: Servo system for a two-dimensional micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based scanner and method therefor

Patent number: US2008284365

Publication date: November 20, 2008

Applicant: IBM


A servo control system MEMS-based motion control system (and method therefor) includes a motion generator having an inherent stiffness component.

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