AA 28-3 Intelligent Predictive Assembly

Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 1 August 2008



Payne, A. (2008), "AA 28-3 Intelligent Predictive Assembly", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2008.03328cag.001



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AA 28-3 Intelligent Predictive Assembly

Article Type: Web sites From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 3

I*PROMSInnovative Production Machines and Systems


I*PROMS is a network of excellence for the leading EU research institutions in the field of production research. I*PROMS currently comprises of 30 research institutions representing 14 EU countries.

The I*PROMS web site provides an excellent resource for information about the network. It features news, events, downloads and links. It also has a knowledge base which is an invaluable tool for sourcing institutions, new research, and news on all aspects of production manufacturing from innovative design technologies such as CAD/CAM to materials technology.

I*PROMS all about innovation in production and its web site mirrors this ambition. With novel features such as video conferencing and forum groups I*PROMS shows how resourceful manufacturing sites can be.

FANUC RoboticsIntegrated vision and sensor products


Fanuc Robotics is a leading company in the field of intelligent flexible assembly systems. Its web site, however, is fairly basic and lacks depth in the information available. It does not give any real insight into the company’s products and services and has little interesting visual media.

The web site is mainly text and stills, there are some online videos but this should be extended across most of its product range, especially its robots, showing the consumer how innovative and cutting edge they are.

Dukane Plastic WeldingIntelligent assembly solutions


Dukane is a leading supplier of plastic welders, film and fabric sewing, slitting machines and custom automated assembly systems.

Its web site is in a very standard format and has information on all products available, technical assistance, downloads (including brochures and data sheets) and after sales service. It has a web meeting facility, online registration for regular training events and online store.

It is not a glossy web site, but it is easy to navigate and has a great deal of information available to its audience.

University of BirminghamVehicle technology research: automation and intelligent manufacturing


The University of Birmingham has an Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Group within the Department of Engineering.

The information about this particular research group is minimal but the web site shows Birmingham’s wealth of research in the engineering sector and is clearly aiming to be a leading pioneer in this field.

Noting that intelligent assembly is the future of manufacturing the active research group works closely with industrial sponsors to ensure any developments can seamlessly move from the laboratory to the production floor.

Anna Payne

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