Made to measure with Aylesbury Automation

Assembly Automation

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(2008), "Made to measure with Aylesbury Automation", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 3.



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Made to measure with Aylesbury Automation

Article Type: Mini features From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 3

Automated length check for standard components

An automated standard component checking process, Euroscan system - flexible length gauge (Figure 3), is saving time and money for manufacturers who need to check the overall length of components. Developed by Aylesbury Automation as a result of working with key customers, Euroscan system is designed for components with a stable feed position and preferably rotationally symmetric geometry.

 Figure 3 Euroscan system - flexible length gauge developed by Aylesbury

Figure 3 Euroscan system - flexible length gauge developed by Aylesbury Automation

Increasingly manufacturers, particularly in the motor vehicle sector, demand components supplied to zero defect standards. This requires suppliers to carry out extensive manual checks prior to delivery. Many of the components are subsequently automatically fed to a production/assembly line and if not to tolerance may cause a jam or potential malfeed. Failure to provide components to exacting standards results in the complete batch being returned to the supplier for exchange and the costs associated with the loss of production having to be reimbursed.

The automatic solution Euroscan system - flexible length gauge, comprises a vibration parts feeder tooled to deliver the components in single file onto a length of horizontal conveyor. The conveyor speed is quicker than the feeder, providing separation between components. Components pass in front of a closed-circuit digital camera and the image is compared with that previously stored in the control memory. Components not recognised or that do not conform will be discharged via a reject chute. A second camera can be integrated to check longer components for contour and position.

“This is a fantastic new innovation in the range of Aylesbury Automation productivity solutions”, commented David Kaye, Sales Director for AA. “We know from working with customers how important it is to get it right first time. Until the introduction of this product there was no reliable system on the market which did this job. As UK manufacturers continue to compete in tough conditions the investment in this product can provide real tangible results in terms of improved quality and efficiency gains”.

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