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Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 1 August 2008



Payne, A. (2008), "Patent abstracts", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 3.



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Patent abstracts

Article Type: Patent abstracts From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 3

Title: Intelligent modeling and control of automationApplicant: Guez Allon (USA); Kurzweg Timothy, P. (USA)Patent number: US2007055402Publication date: March 8, 2007

Abstract: A system and method for advanced device specific knowledge-based modeling as well as intelligent control to yield high performance, low-cost automation for optoelectronic design, packaging and assembly. The control loop design is based on knowledge-based model predictive control. A knowledge model, specific to the assembled package’s characteristics, is used to set the initial “feed-forward” conditions of an automation system. In addition to this feed-forward model for setting the initial set point, the controller is designed with feedback components, along with the inclusion of a built in sensor. This system and method increases the efficiency of the automation process and the number of assembly steps can be greatly reduced. A method for the design, assembly and packaging of optoelectronic devices is also described.

Title: Intelligent model-based diagnostics for system monitoring, diagnosis and maintenanceApplicant: Pattipatti Krishna, R. (USA); Luo Jianhui (USA); Qiao Liu (USA); Chigusa Shunsuke (USA)Patent number: US2008004840Publication date: January 3, 2008

Abstract: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring, diagnosis and condition-based maintenance of mechanical systems. The disclosed systems and methods employ intelligent model-based diagnostic methodologies to effectuate such monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance. According to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure, the intelligent model-based diagnostic methodologies combine or integrate quantitative (analytical) models and graph-based dependency models to enhance diagnostic performance. The disclosed systems and methods may be employed a wide variety of applications, including automotive, aircraft, power systems, manufacturing systems, chemical processes and systems, transportation systems, and industrial machines/equipment.

Title: Industrial information technology (IT) on-line intelligent control of machines in discrete manufacturing factoryApplicant: Bayoumi Deia, S. (USA); Julian Danny, E. (USA)Patent number: US2007299800Publication date: December 27, 2007

Abstract: The invention contemplates a system and method offering control and management of manufacturing resources (Machine 1, Machine 2, … Machine n) to obtain optimal manufacturing capacities and to avoid manufacturing down-time currently realized through manual operation and control of manufacturing resources. In an illustrative implementation, the present invention contemplates an exemplary control computing application operating in a computing environment which communicates with, cooperates with, and provides control over at least one manufacturing resource (e.g. manufacturing machine - Machine 1, Machine 2, … Machine n). The computing application provides at least one instruction set for use in controlling the manufacturing resource. The communication of the instruction set may be realized local to the manufacturing resource, remotely from the manufacturing resource, or some combination thereof.

Title: Intelligent system for making and executing sheet metal bending planApplicant: Amada Co. Ltd; Amada America Inc.Patent number: JP2007050451Publication date: March 1, 2007

Abstract: Problem to be solved: To provide an intelligent system for designing, planning and manufacturing a bent sheet metal.Solution: A planning module interacts with several expert modules to make a bending plan. The planning module utilizes a state-space search algorithm. A computerized method is provided for selecting a robot gripper and a repo gripper to judge the optimum arrangement of the grippers for holding a work formed by the bending apparatus. A computerized method is provided to select tooling to be used for the bending apparatus and to judge the layout of a tooling stage. The planning system is utilized to assist functions such as design and assembly system, which execute designing, cost calculation, scheduling and/or manufacture and assembly.

Title: Intelligent personalization system and methodApplicant: Deluxe Corp. (USA)Patent number: US7216092Publication date: May 8, 2007

Abstract: A system and method for facilitating the creation of personalized products is disclosed, wherein a user on a user computer can access a host merchant computer via a communication network, such as the internet. The host merchant computer communicates with a products database containing information on products available for personalization and further contains manufacturing capabilities for the products. The method includes providing to the user via the communication network an assortment of product selections available in the products database, receiving a message from the user via the communication network indicating a selection of a product from the assortment, retrieving a set of manufacturing capabilities for the selected product from the products database, and providing to the user via the communication network a design interface including design tools which allow the user to select product configuration options and to create individualized enhancements, wherein the design tool is conformed to only allow configuration options and enhancements that satisfy the manufacturing capabilities.

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