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Article publication date: 18 April 2008



(2008), "Diary", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2008.03328bac.001



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Article Type: Diary From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 2.

Key: C=Conference, E=Exhibition, S=Seminar, W=Workshop


HRI 2008International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (C)

12-15 March

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Researchers in robotics, human-factors, ergonomics, and human-computer interaction are invited to attend. Because human-robot interaction is inherently inter-disciplinary, the conference is seeking papers from several disciplines. A primary goal of the conference is to create a common venue for a broad set of researchers. By appealing to a broad set of researchers, the conference complements many existing venues. HRI is a single track, highly selective annual conference that seeks to showcase the very best in human-robot interaction.

Keywords Robot-team learning, Lifelike robots, Multi-modal interaction, HRI foundations

Contact: University of Hertfordshire. E-mail: hri2008@hri2008.org, web sites: http://hri2008.org/; www.ieee-ras.org/calendar/calendartec.php

AM Expo 2008

19-20 March

North Carolina, USA

Advanced Manufacturing Expo (AM Expo 2008) is Canada's most comprehensive source for advanced manufacturing solutions, innovations and education. Assembly Canada is Canada's only trade show dedicated exclusively to the function of assembling discrete parts into finished products. This is Canada's only forum for industry professionals to assess and compare the latest products and services for electronics manufacturing.

Keywords Robotics, Manufacturing

Contact: Tel.: +1 416 491 7565, Fax: +1 416 491 5088.

EUROS 2008European Robotics Symposium (C)

26-28 March

Prague, Czech Republic

EUROS was started in 2006 as a response to demands for a high quality scientific event to present the best research on robotics across applications and topics. The EURON annual meeting serves to bring the European Robotics community together, but it has primarily been a networking event to discuss community issues rather than a scientific event.

Keyword Advanced robotics

Contact: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Tel.: +46 879 067 27, E-mail: euros2008@labe.felk.cvut.cz, web sites: www.action-m.com/euros2008/index.php; www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

Assembly Canada

26-28 March

Ontarion, Canada

Contact: web site: www.internationalcentre.com

WMCNR 2008

4 April

Berlin, Germany

The wireless multishop communications has been one of key research issues in recent years both in academia and wireless industry. It encompasses ad hoc radio networks, sensor networks, wireless mesh networks and mobile multishop relay related to the industrial and standardization efforts such as IEEE 802.11s, the IEEE 802.15.4, 802.16j, etc. Further the multishop communications can be combined with cooperative communications and network coding, which attracted more researchers in this field.

Keyword Wireless communications

Contact: Yonsei University. E-mail: slkim@yonsei.ac.kr, web site: www.wmcnr.org

Hannover Messe

21-25 April

Hannover, Germany

HANNOVER MESSE remains the world's leading showcase for industrial technology. Better, faster, more effective: to survive and prosper in the face of global competition companies need to constantly maintain and improve their performance potential. Leading-edge technology plays a pivotal role in corporate competitiveness. HANNOVER MESSE is the ideal place to obtain the latest industrial know-how. Established sixty years ago, HANNOVER MESSE today ranks as the leading international showplace for industrial technologies, materials and product ideas. Over the years the focus has shifted from stand-alone components to end-to-end solutions. Technical innovation is one key element in the success of HANNOVER MESSE. Another is its sharp focus on the creative application of existing knowledge. Only at Hannover can the visitor experience complete value chains and swap information with experts from a complete spectrum of industrial sectors.

Keyword Industrial technology

Contact: Deutsche Messe. Tel.: +49 511 890, Fax: +49 511 893 2626, E-mail: emanuel.marra@messe.de, web site: www.hannovermesse.de

IA Robotics

1 May

Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: web site: www.bitec.net

ICINCO 20085th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

11-15 May

Madeira, Portugal

The purpose of this conference, is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the application of informatics to Control, Automation and Robotics.

Keywords Intelligent control systems, Optimization, Robotics, Automation, Signal processing, Systems modeling and control

Contact: ICINCO. Tel.: +35 126 552 0185, Fax: +35 126 552 0186, E-mail: secretariat@icinco.org, web sites: www.icinco.org/; www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp


12-14 May

Montreal, Quebec

Contact: web site: www.placebonaventure.com/

ICRA2008IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (C)

19-23 May

California, USA

Robotics, Manufacturing, Simulation, Micro-machines, Automation, CAD, CAM, CAE, Sensors.

Keywords Robotics, Automation

Contact: USC. E-mail: sschaal@usc.edu, web sites: www.icra2008.org/; www.ieee-ras.org/calendar/calendartec.php

ATX East 2008

3-5 June

New York, USA

Stay ahead of your competition find the automated solutions you need for lean manufacturing, cost reduction, enhanced productivity, and six-sigma process control at ATX. With recent trends toward off-shore outsourcing, it is more important than ever for North American manufacturers to automate in order to remain competitive in today's global marketplace.

Keywords Automation, Manufacturing

Contact: Canon Communications LLC. Tel.: +1 310 996 9441, Fax: +1 310 996 9499, E-mail: kara.kanai@cancom.com, web site: www.devicelink.com/expo/atxe07/pn.html

Automatica 20083rd International Trade Fair for Automation Assembly, Robotics and Vision

10-13 June

Munich, Germany

AUTOMATICA presents an international product range covering assembly and handling technology, robotics, machine vision and associated technologies.

This makes AUTOMATICA the very first international event that brings together all branches of the robotics and automation industry under the same roof in a single event. It is being staged in Munich, the central hub of the biggest European market for robotics and automation products.

Keywords Assembly and handling technology, Robotics, Machine vision, Positioning systems, Drive technology, Sensor technology

Contact: Messe München GmbH. Tel.: +49 899 491 1538, Fax: +49 899 491 1539, E-mail: info@automatica-munich.com, web site: www.automatica-muenchen.de

IERA'08IFR/IEEE Industry Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation

12 June

Muenchen, Germany

ISFA 20082008 International Symposium on Flexible Automation (C)

23-26 June

Georgia, USA

A sustainable advanced product/process and automation system design, in particular related manufacturing, assembly, service, and maintenance support system design solution is a truly high-tech approach based on a new digital design and digital manufacturing architecture and paradigm.

Keywords Robotics for automation, Factory simulation, Digital design, Digital manufacturing and PLM

Contact: NJIT. E-mail: ranky@njit.edu, web site: www.pmrc.gatech.edu/ISFA/

RSS 2008Robotics: Science and Systems

25-28 June

Zurich, Switzerland

The 2008 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference will bring together researchers working on algorithmic or mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotic systems. High quality, original papers are solicited in all areas of robotics. The final program will be the result of a highly selective review process designed to include the best work of its kind in every category. The conference will be single track to allow attendees an opportunity to experience the best research in all areas of robotics. The program will include invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed papers.

Keywords Mechanisms, Manipulation, Human-robot interaction and human centered systems, Distributed systems, Mobile systems and mobility, Applications, Medical robotics, Robot perception

Contact: University of Massachusetts Amherst. E-mail: rss08@mavt.ethz.ch, web site: www.roboticsconference.org/

CITSA 20085th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications

29 June-2 July

Florida, USA

The 5th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications is an international Multi-Conference being organized with the purpose of providing researchers, practitioners, developers, consultants, and end-users of computerized, communications and/ or control systems and technologies, as well as their industrial and social applications in the private and the public sectors, an opportunity to join in a common place sharing experience and knowledge.

Keywords Cybernetics, Information technologies, Systems and applications

Contact: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics. Tel.: +58 212 272 9094, Fax: +1 407 656 3516, E-mail: imeti2008@mail.infocybereng.org, web sites: www.infocybereng.org/imeti2008/; www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

AIM 2008IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (C)

2-5 July

Xi'an, China

Contact: web site: www.ieee-ras.org/calendar/calendartec.php

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