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Article publication date: 2 October 2007



Mytum-Smithson, J. (2007), "Patents", Assembly Automation, Vol. 27 No. 4.



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Title: Monitor having functionality for easy assembly and disassembly

Applicant: Chiu Chun-Chao (TW)Patent number: US2007139871Publication date: June 21 2007

A monitor, which can be easily assembled and disassembled includes a display panel, a frame for supporting the display panel, and a fixing module for fixing the display panel on the frame. The fixing module includes a cover, a fixture fixed on the cover, a knob installed between the cover and the fixture in a rotatable manner, slidable rods positioned on the fixture in a slidable manner for sliding into fixing holes on the display panel so as to lock the display panel with the frame, and an arm fixed on the knob for ejecting the slidable rods from the fixing holes when the arm rotates to a first position. The structure of the monitor is much simpler and has less components thus the assembly of the monitor becomes quick and easy.

Title: System and method for designing and manufacturing design object

Applicant: Trammell Leon; Takaki HiroshiPatent number: JP2006318488Publication date: November 25 2006Inventor: Trammell Leon; Takaki HiroshiPublication date: November 24 2006

Problem to be solved: To provide a designing/manufacturing system and method for manufacturing a design object based on a customer-approved design drawing.

Solution: This system for manufacturing a design object comprises an estimate generator, a layout drawing generator and a design drawing generator. The estimate generator generates a cost estimate based on a request for proposal defining the design object. The layout drawing generator generates a layout drawing based on the request for proposal. The design drawing generator generates, based on an order and a proposal, an object design drawing comprising an assembly specification, a detail specification, and machine control files. The proposal is generated based on the cost estimate and the layout drawing. The order is generated based on the proposal. Manufactured components are generated based on the machine control files. Subassemblies are generated from the manufactured components and the procured components based on the detail specification. The design object is generated based on the subassemblies and the assembly specifications.

Title: Intelligent system for making and executing sheet metal bending plan

Applicant: Amada Co Ltd; Amada America Inc.Patent number: JP2007050451Publication date: March 1 2007

Problem to be solved: To provide an intelligent system for designing, planning and manufacturing a bent sheet metal.

Solution: A planning module interacts with several expert modules to make a bending plan. The planning module utilizes a state-space search algorithm. A computerized method is provided for selecting a robot gripper and a repo gripper to judge the optimum arrangement of the grippers for holding a work formed by the bending apparatus. A computerized method is provided to select tooling to be used for the bending apparatus and to judge the layout of a tooling stage. The planning system is utilized to assist functions such as design and assembly system, which execute designing, cost calculation, scheduling and/or manufacture and assembly.

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