Insight IC fastening controller

Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 24 April 2007



(2007), "Insight IC fastening controller", Assembly Automation, Vol. 27 No. 2.



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Insight IC fastening controller

Insight IC fastening controller

Today's industrial production involves the use of tools that provide increasing coherence and efficiency in process control while ensuring higher levels of productivity and manufacturing traceability. Thanks to exceptional performance levels, the new range of Insight IC fastening controllers brings innovation to the market by exceeding existing standards (Figure 3).

Figure 3 The new Ingersoll-Rand Insight IC fastening controllers

This new range of Insight IC controllers can be used to control all stationary and hand-held QE screwdrivers and QM spindles. In other words, every electrically controlled tool in the Ingersoll-Rand range can now be dealt with by this new equipment series. The torque levels covered range from 1 to 400Nm for hand-held tools and 1-2,000Nm for stationary tools. Users thus have a single controller system at their disposal. Up to 500 controllers can be networked and each can be administered and supervised with a single software application, ICS. This coherence, unique to the market, enables rationalization of the total costs of ownership for fastening systems (costs of implementation, programming, training, stock and spare parts) plus extra flexibility for tool changes, etc. and improved quality and traceability control.

The Insight IC range allows users to combine quality with increased productivity. It supplies precise fastening at speeds up to 60 percent higher than the best standards currently available. The QE4SC model, for example, can reach a speed of 1,820rpm with a torque range of 2-10Nm. This precision of movement is the fruit of the Ingersoll-Rand Company's expertise in fastening and the development of a specific electronic speed variation system which interprets the data from the torque and angle sensors on the tools in real time. Insight IC thus sets itself apart from systems operating on the basis of current control alone.

What's more, Insight enables not only real time quality control but also preventive control. In the case of incorrect fastening, users are alerted immediately by vibrations in the tool together with visual indicators. Further, Insight detects drift in production. This information is sent over the network immediately, and if necessary an email alert can be sent to those concerned.

Lastly, Insight IC features preventive maintenance functions and indicates the corrective actions to be taken (lubrication, recalibration, etc.).

The man-machine interface is designed with simplicity in mind. The programming system for fastening strategies (speed, torque, phase sequencing, etc.) is assisted by a choice guide and online support so that users may optimize settings to suit specific applications. Any programme can be developed in less than 5min and up to 256 programmes can be stored.

Insight IC is easy to integrate. Interface options include Ethernet networks, standard field buses, PLC inputs/outputs and all types of peripherals (bar code readers, socket boxes, etc.). Insight IC features an automated tool recognition function.

There are four different ICS supervision and traceability software versions to suit the complexity of the application. Users therefore have the exact system they require each and every time. The most advanced version, Enterprise, can be used not only to record data in ODBC compatible database format, but also to extrapolate statistics using an SQL Base tool. Another highlight is the absence of locking keys to prevent the use of certain functions.

The target applications are all sectors requiring process control, quality and traceability: motor vehicle manufacture, electrical household goods, aeronautics and industry in general.

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