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Patents abstracts


Title: Defective goods automatic sorting method and equipment for high-speed automated production lineApplicant: Univ Hunan (CN)Patent number: CN1806940Publication date: 26 July 2006

The invention relates the auto sorting faulty goods method on the high-speed automatic production line and unit. The method comprises the following steps: sorting faulty goods system receiving the sorting signal, starting the freedom degree linked conveying device 3, then positioning the mechanical arm connected with 3 on the faulty goods, the mechanical arm keeping the same speed with conveyer belt, gripping the faulty goods, lifting it and releasing it to appointed position. The unit comprises electrical control and mechanical part. The mechanical part comprises 3 and mechanical arm which comprises arm and hand. In the centre of the mechanical hand there is camera, and the electrical control is connected with 3 and mechanical arm. The invention possesses high accuracy, low cost, good versatility, and no environmental pollution.

Title: High-precision three-dimensional micro- assembling method and assembly parts based on MEMSApplicant: Univ Beijing (CN)Patent number: CN1803577Publication date: 19 July 2006

The invention discloses a high-precision three-dimensional micro-assembly method and combined component based on MEMS, which comprises the following steps: setting a micro-clamp to match the loading chip; setting the alignment part and alignment accessory and welding button on the corresponding substrate and loading chip separately; injecting liquid in the micro-clamp; putting the chip in the micro-clamp back-off; locating the chip on the substrate through alignment part and alignment accessory and welding fusion reflux.

Title: Xerographic micro-assemblerApplicant: Palo Alto RES CT Inc.Patent number: US2006128057Publication date: 15 June 2006

Xerographic micro-assembler systems and methods are disclosed. The systems and methods involve manipulating charge-encoded micro-objects. The charge encoding identifies each micro- object and specifies its orientation for sorting. The micro-objects are sorted in a sorting unit so that they have defined positions and orientations. The sorting unit has the capability of electrostatically and magnetically manipulating the micro-objects based on their select charge encoding. The sorted micro-objects are provided to an image transfer unit. The image transfer unit is adapted to receive the sorted micro-objects, maintain them in their sorted order and orientation, and deliver them to a substrate. Maintaining the sorted order as the micro-objects are delivered to the substrate may be accomplished through the use of an electrostatic image, as is done in xerography. The substrate with the micro-objects is further processed to interconnect the micro-objects-through electrical wiring, for example, to form the final micro- assembly.

Title: Micro-assembly and test station applied for the chip and bar tester applicationApplicant: Mindready Solutions Inc. (CA); Dambrin Jean-Bernard (CA); Pelletier Nicolas (CA); Provost Stephane (CA)Patent number: WO2005014240Publication date: 17 February 2005

Manipulators for use in the field of robotics are currently limited in their range of movements. A manipulator to enable a wider range of movements comprises a first positioning member having a free end and a lower positioning resolution, and a second positioning member mounted on the free end of the first positioning member and having a higher positioning resolution. In operation, the first positioning member provides for coarser positional adjustment while the second positioning member provides for finer positional adjustment so that the second positioning member mounted on the free end of the first positioning member improves the positioning resolution of the manipulator from the lower positioning resolution to the higher positioning resolution. A corresponding method of improving a positioning resolution of a manipulator with a first positioning member having a free end and a first positioning resolution, comprises mounting on the free end of the first positioning member a second positioning member having a second positioning resolution higher than the first positioning resolution.

Title: Multivision hollow bottle quality detection method and multi vision hollow bottle detection robotApplicant: Univ Hunan (CN)Patent number: CN1719236Publication date: 11 January 2006

The present invention discloses a method for detecting quality and cleanliness of various transparent or semi-transparent empty bottles on the high-speed automatic production line and its multi-visual empty bottle detection robot. Said robot mainly includes box body, product conveyer, photoelectric sensor, industrial high- sharpness camera system, main control computer and rejected product removing device. Said invention also provides the working principle of said detection method.

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