Sigma workstations available from Contax

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Article publication date: 24 April 2007



(2007), "Sigma workstations available from Contax", Assembly Automation, Vol. 27 No. 2.



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Sigma workstations available from Contax

Sigma workstations available from Contax

Production automation system specialist, Contax Ltd, has launched a range of Sigma semi-automated workstations (Figure 1).

Designed for mid-range production rates, the Sigma solutions offer efficient and cost-effective assembly systems and can accommodate a wide variety of product types. The units are ideally suited to manufacturers in the automotive, electronic and electrical equipment markets, as well as assemblers of consumer products with worldwide customers including Siemens, Visteon, ABB, Miele, Braun, Leica and Lego.

Figure 1 Sigma workstation from Contax Ltd

Applications are final box build immediately after PCB assembly, so improving manual assembly efficiency and production throughput.

Sigma offers three main product areas: transfer, systems and peripheric.


Sigma's transfer systems are composed of standard modular components which fit together to form complete systems or individual workstations. Based on a unique single centre drive chain, pallets are friction driven and can be radio data-tagged to provide routing and data management. The track is extremely flexible, and can be extended or amended at any time, so allowing the system to be updated according to changing production requirements.

The modules are easy to install or re- configure, so customers can purchase these from stock and integrate them without the need for expert installation assistance. Processing stations can be either automatic cells or manual assembly positions. It is this combination of only automating where most appropriate that makes the system extremely cost effective systems.

For customers without in depth experience of converting from manual assembly to semi-automated, Sigma will provide a turnkey package. The Systems range extends right through manual workstations to fully bespoke solutions. Tailored according to the customer's specific requirements, Contax can undertake all the initial planning, help with product design, through to final installation and initial production.


The peripheric system is a mechanised circular workstation with a number of variants and options available to meet customer and product-related needs. They are designed around the operator, to ensure that all the materials are organised and within easy reach, so allowing full concentration on the assembly tasks. This enables the operator to work at full efficiency, so potentially increasing productivity by an estimated 25-45 per cent.

The peripheric workstations are compact and follow a standardised design. This ensures that the modules can be changed over quickly, and provides a totally integrated ERP solution.

“All the Sigma systems are simple and modular in design” explained Phil Shorten, Integrated Automation Group Director at Contax Ltd, “so enabling them to be changed or swapped easily with little or no disruption to the assembly process”.

“The beauty of these products is in their simplicity” he continued. “They are efficient and cost effective, and yet perform exceptionally well. This is why they meet the very demanding standards of the automotive manufacturers, and can work equally well in other industries requiring high productivity and excellent quality production”.

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