Optimize setup, secure quality, check inventory with FLX-MIS

Assembly Automation

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(2006), "Optimize setup, secure quality, check inventory with FLX-MIS", Assembly Automation, Vol. 26 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2006.03326caf.006



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Optimize setup, secure quality, check inventory with FLX-MIS

Optimize setup, secure quality, check inventory with FLX-MIS

Keywords: Automation, Assembly

The FLX-MIS optimization software is now available also for ESSEMTEC's FLX2010- and CLM9000-PLUS Series stand-alone pick and place machines. FLX-MIS maximizes placement performance, minimizes setup cost, eliminates placement errors and automatically updates component stocks (Plate 4).

Plate 4 The FLX-MIS optimization software

MIS (Management Information System) is a modular system for the various tasks of production optimization in high-mix manufacturing environments. The FLX-OPT module contains a setup optimization function to achieve the best possible line-up of feeders for maximum placement speed. FLX-OPT calculates the manufacturing time and generates the setup lists for production planning. Feeders are programmed automatically. FLX-OPT also performs component stock administration. With an optional barcode printer, the containers (rolls, sticks or pallets) are individually identifiable and storable.

In its full configuration FLX-MIS additionally enables setup optimization to minimize changeover cost and thereby saves on setup time, especially in small-series production runs. A fast setup check via barcode reader eliminates placement errors and the container (roll, stick or pallet) to be used is securely identified. FLX-MIS automatically updates component stocks and stores the use of certain components for production traceability.

FLX-MIS analyzes all placement jobs planned and reserves the necessary amounts of components. If component counts fall below a minimum limit, it outputs an order message for refill in due time.

FLX-MIS has proven to be an indispensable support in high-mix manufacturing environments that encounter a large number of small placement jobs. It reduces the cost of setup, materials and repairs and thereby substantially increases productivity.

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