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Patent abstracts

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Title: Feeder belt for strip-shaped partsApplicant: Chung Jae S (KR)Patent number: US2006081445Publication date: 20 April 2006

A feeder belt for strip-shaped parts used to feed the strip-shaped parts in various processes such as plating, deflashing, or the like among processes for manufacturing semiconductors or other articles at industrial scale. According to the feeder belt, by improving the structure of a finger including a belt body, the separation, fatigue, and the sliding during feeding of the strip-shaped parts of the finger are solved. Since, external force can be applied in the horizontal direction when loading and unloading the strip-shaped parts, peripheral devices are simplified.

Title: Vibration-type parts feeding method and its deviceApplicant: Dengensha MFG Company Ltd (JP); S. K. Kougyou Company Ltd (JP)Patent number: CA2483066Publication date: 30 March 2005

This invention is, in a vibration type parts feeding method and its device that welding nuts are put on a parts transportation track arranged in an inner wall of a vibration bowl of a parts feeder to be arranged in turn and normal positioned welding nuts are sorted and transported from a parts discharging outlet at a top end portion of the track to a desired place, that a sort unit for passing only the normal positioned welding nuts is installed detachably to adjacent to the parts discharging outlet of the vibration bowl, and thus, that it becomes possible to correspond to sorting upward and downward of the welding nuts with various kinds of shapes and dimensions.

Title: Optical elements automatic assembling device and methodApplicant: Industry Technology INST (CN)Patent number: CN1624512Publication date: 8 June 2005

An optical element automatic assembling device comprises of a pair of optical plates combination, a Z-axia feeding, an automatic feeding assembly and, etc. The Z-axia is above the optical plates assembly on a certain level and among the Z-axia and the pair of optical plates assembly on a certain height an automatic feeding assembly is installed; the upper and lower part of an optical are installed separately on the bottom of Z-axia the top of the pair of optical plates assembly which are adjusted vertically and horizontally, making the two parts of the optical element on the same vertical line and connected, then by the automatic feeding assembly make tin enters the complex number tin input hole for tin installed on the edge of horizontal plane on the lower part, making the upper and lower part of optical element sticking together.

Title: Part feeding unit, part feeding device, part feeding method, and part mounting deviceApplicant: Sumida Hiroto (JP); Kitani Minoru (JP)Patent number: US2005096781Publication date: 5 May 2005

By a component feed method for conveying a belt-shaped component- feeding member, in which component storage sections that store a plurality of electronic components while allowing the components to be picked up and feed perforations are formed at regular intervals in their lengthwise direction, in its rotational direction by the rotation around the centre of rotation of a feed rotor on the outer periphery of which a plurality of feed claws capable of being engaged with the feed perforations and positioning each of the storage sections in a component pickup position to feed the component from the positioned storage section, the rotational driving amount of the feed rotor is controlled on the basis of correctional driving amount data of the rotational driving of the feed rotor formed based on displacement amount data of each of the feed claws with respect to the centre of rotation or the rotational direction of the feed rotor, and the components are positioned successively in the component pickup position to feed the components.

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