Quin makes linear motion easy

Assembly Automation

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(2006), "Quin makes linear motion easy", Assembly Automation, Vol. 26 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2006.03326cad.003



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Quin makes linear motion easy

Quin makes linear motion easy

Keywords: Linear motion, Control systems

The latest Linmot range of compact linear motors, combine acceleration up to 200 m/s2 and operating speeds up to 4 m/s with precise backlash-free operation and virtually unlimited life, making them an ideal choice for use in pick-and-place machines, packaging equipment, printing presses and similarly demanding applications (Plate 3).

Plate 3 The latest Linmot range of compact linear motors

With an IP67 ingress protection rating and a design which eliminates the need for wear-prone seals, Linmot linear motors are particularly well suited for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries (where they have clean room classification).

The motors, which are available in various stroke lengths, with rated outputs from 30 to 580 N offer significant benefits over the pneumatic cylinders and ball screws which are traditionally used to produce linear motion.

Compared with pneumatic cylinders, they are easier to control and much more precise and repeatable in operation, as well as needing no compressed air supply. Compared with ball screws, they are direct-acting and compact, they deliver smoother, profiled motion, and they require far less maintenance.

The operating life of Linmot motors, which is in excess of 500 million cycles, also far exceeds that of other linear motion solutions.

To maximise their versatility and performance, the Linmot linear motors from Quin Systems feature integral Hall-effect sensors for accurate positional and speed feedback. The motors are complemented by the versatile Linmot range of linear motor drives, each of which can control up to four motors independently.

Available in simple standalone versions, and models suitable for use with Profibus, DeviceNet and serial communication systems, the drives are easy to program, and incorporate software which will automatically construct motion paths, ensuring the smoothest, most efficient motor operation is always achieved. Manual path generation is also supported for users who prefer this approach.

In addition to supplying Linmot linear motors and drives, Quin Systems also offers a full range of support services. These include providing training and technical assistance in getting the best from the products, as well as designing and manufacturing complete machines based on Linmot equipment.

Web site: www.quin.co.uk

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