Small placement machine now has vision

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(2006), "Small placement machine now has vision", Assembly Automation, Vol. 26 No. 3.



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Small placement machine now has vision

Small placement machine now has vision

Keywords: Electronics industry, Image sensors

ESSEMTEC's CSM7100 pick & place machine was designed as a flexible placement system for small to medium series productions. It now comes with an optional vision system to reduce the cost of product quality – by performing a 100 percent check of all QFP and BGA components before placement. If a component is found defective, it is put back into the pallet (Plate 2).

Plate 2 ESSEMTEC's CSM7100

The new vision option greatly expands the utility range of this versatile entry-level placement machine. Whereas the built-in standard laser centering system up to now could only check the outer dimensions of a component, the new machine, by means of vision, will also check all leads. The vision-equipped CSM7100 placement machine will now process all component types from a 0402 up to 35 × 35 mm.

The vision system checks leaded components, such as BGA, SO, etc. for all leads being present and detects bent or missing ones. Likewise on BGAs all solder balls are checked for size and presence. The highly evolved CSM7100 image processing software is laid out for speedy and reliable operation.

If component errors are detected, those components are not fed to the placement process but instead put back into the pallet. It is then left to the operator to decide whether or not to further use these often highly valued components. This not only saves on repair cost but also on material cost.

Programming of a new package is very easy. The system works through an automatic learning mode, which is based on the first component sample to be placed. The CSM7100 image processing system analyzes this component and the operator just confirms the acquired data.

ESSEMTEC, headquartered in Switzerland, is the worldwide leading manufacturer of flexible production systems for electronic goods. As a placement machine vendor, ESSEMTEC specializes in optimum solutions for high-mix production environments. ESSEMTEC delivers entire manufacturing lines complete with printers, dispensers, placers and soldering systems – all coming from one source.

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