New machine measures up to tube industry demands

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(2005), "New machine measures up to tube industry demands", Assembly Automation, Vol. 25 No. 2.



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New machine measures up to tube industry demands

New machine measures up to tube industry demands

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ITP Ltd has launched a new measuring centre specifically for the inspection of manipulated or bent tubing. This introduction follows the high success rates for ITP customers using standard co-ordinate measuring machines equipped with ITP's software package for the measurement of manipulated tube. To make the overall solution more cost effective, the new machine has been specially created with tube applications in mind, providing highly accurate solutions to the most demanding measurement requirements (see Plate 8).

Plate 8

Available as a manually operated system, the machine can be upgraded to full CNC control if required, predominantly for the measurement of fixtured tube. It is constructed of high quality black granite in sizes that range up to 4000 by 1000 by 1000 mm, specifically to accommodate entire automotive exhaust systems and tube- based aircraft industry assemblies.

The software package provided has itself advanced tremendously. Added to the standard XYZ (Cartesian) dimensioning method, the new ITP machine also offers full measurement capability for YBC dimensioning (Y = length between bends, B = rotation between bends, C = angle of bend) as well as bracket/flange orientation. The software can also perform a “best fit” of the tube measurements and graphically depict the point being measured.

However, rather than being a co- ordinate measuring machine for tube applications alone, the new ITP machine also has the ability to measure standard components, featuring a full geometric 3D measuring software package as standard. This is an important consideration for tube manufacturers that want to use the machine to measure items such as flanges and brackets, as well as simply tubes. The training provided also covers both the measurement of manipulated tube and the 3D package.

The new machine makes use of a touch trigger probe, which is a touch sensitive. This precision built device generates an electronic signal each time the probe contacts a point on the workpiece, eliminating the influence of operator touch on measurement results. Many different types of styli tips and attachments can be accommodated.

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