Manufacturing adhesives from solid raw materials

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(2005), "Manufacturing adhesives from solid raw materials", Assembly Automation, Vol. 25 No. 2.



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Manufacturing adhesives from solid raw materials

Manufacturing adhesives from solid raw materials

Keywords: Adhesives

ENECOL ADHESIVOS is a Spanish company with more than 60 years experience in the field of adhesives which has developed a process to manufacture adhesives through solid granulates as raw material (Plate 4).


By means of this process, adhesives can be easily produced in just one step by mixing solid granulates and conventional solvents. By proceeding in this way, companies can produce their own adhesives avoiding complex chemical processes.

Adhesives produced using this technique are a wide range of solvent adhesives, mainly neoprene based glues and polyurethane based adhesives. This type of adhesives are of great importance for several industries.

According to this scheme, ENECOL ADHESIVOS will provide the solid granulated and the know-how and technical support to manufacture the desired adhesive.

Main advantages

This process is appropriate for companies which are currently importing adhesives from abroad, and also for those interested in producing his own range of adhesives and lack of the right knowledge and facilities. Main advantages are as follows.

  • High saving in transport costs. Transport of flammable and dangerous raw materials, heavy products and border taxes are avoided in a great manner.

  • High saving in manufacturing costs since the production is done on the company-site close to the local market.

  • Low investment in equipment.

  • Easy production procedure.

  • Great adhesive consumption in the footwear and leather work industry.

  • No high qualified technical staff is needed.

ENECOL ADHESIVOS will provide the adhesive formulas as a solid granulated in 50kg tins, according to the type of required adhesive.

Dumping the solid granulate supplied by ENECOL ADHESIVOS with the proper solvent amount (or solvent mixture) and stirring the mixture in the mixer vessel is quite easy. Adhesives can be finished in 5h (polyurethane based) or in 7h (Neoprene based).

ENECOL ADHESIVOS will be also involved in the quality control and technical support processes.

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