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Patent abstracts

Title: Device for controlling the distance between a glueing cylinder and a corrugating roller for a cardboard corrugating machineApplicant: Fosber SPAPatent number: EP1362691Publication date: 19 November 2004

Keywords: Adhesives, Assembly, Automotive industry

The machine for the production of corrugated cardboard comprises: a first corrugating roller; a second corrugating roller co-operating with the first corrugating roller for corrugating a sheet of web-like material, which passes between said first corrugating roller and said second corrugating roller, which are provided with projections that mesh together; a gluing assembly with a gluing cylinder, which co-operates with the first corrugating roller for applying a glue on the crests of said web-like material; and adjustment means for adjusting the position of the gluing cylinder with respect to the first corrugating roller. The adjustment means comprise a detector for detecting an angular displacement between the gluing cylinder and a wheel for transmitting motion to the cylinder. The position of the gluing cylinder with respect to the corrugating roller is adjusted according to said angular displacement.

Title: Method for joining a plate to an elongate connector element by glueing involves use of connector elements and/or plates whose mutual contact surfaces have at least one depressed sectionApplicants: Strecker Bodo and Duwe JoergPatent number: DE10260430Publication date: 1 July 2004

The method for joining a plate, in particular, a sandwich plate to an elongate connector element by glueing involves use of connector elements and/or plates whose mutual contact surfaces are provided with at least one depressed section into which glue is injected after their assembly. Independent claims are also included for the following:

  1. 1.

    a connector element for implementation of the proposed method

  2. 2.

    a plate, in particular, a sandwich plate for the same purpose.

Title: Apparatus for applying fluidApplicant: Nordson CorpPatent number: US2004134623Publication date: 15 July 2004

An apparatus for applying fluid onto a substrate, in particular for glueing inner books, books, magazines and other substrates that need to be bound. The apparatus comprises a first slot nozzle, connectable with a fluid source, for applying a fluid film onto one side of the substrate to be coated. The first slot nozzle comprises a seal member for adjusting the width of the first slot nozzle outlet transversely to the principal direction of movement of the substrate. This enables the width across which fluid is applied to the inner book side to be adjusted.

Title: Method and device for automatically binding book blocks by machine in a working cycleApplicants: Matthes Uwe and Schmidkonz PeterPatent number: US2004240964Publication date: 2 December 2004

This invention relates to a method and a device for automatically binding book blocks by machine. In a working cycle, the book blocks are conveyed on a conveyor device in an upright manner through the individual proecessing stations. In a fanning gluing binding station, adhesive is applied from underneath against the fanned book block spine. In a spine-taping station the spine-taping material is directly pulled off a roll and is automatically cut to the predetermined measure by machine. The headband is likewise pulled off a roll, cut to the required dimensions, advanced to the book block by means of a slide and is ironed onto the book spine. Afterwards, the end paper of the book block provided with the headband is opened in order to attach the book cover to the book block, is pulled from the book block by suction, and is clamped in a lower station press. With the end paper opened, the book block is then placed in a covering station, and the book block is fixed to the book cover. In a rounding station the book is detected by strip clamping devices located on both sides, and the book block is held by a loop located between both clamping devices and is rounded by a laterally advanced shaped member. The book, which is provided with a cover and whose spine is rounded, is banded in a banding station and the rounding given to the book is permanently fixed.

Title: Gluing method and deviceApplicants: Konrath Willibald; Marconi Comm GmbH; Gortzen Ralf; Muller Ulf; Nahring Martin; Scholl Klaus; Schmelcher HaikoPatent number: WO2004098258Publication date: 11 November 2004

For gluing a circuit component onto a circuit board, the circuit component having a bottom area for bringing into contact with the circuit board with at least one edge, the distance between the edge and a first line parallel to said edge and an amount of adhesive to be applied per length unit along said line are determined such that when placing the circuit component on the circuit board the adhesive advances to said edge but not to a second circuit component adjacent to said edge; the adhesive is applied ill the selected quantity along said first line and along further lilies which are parallel to said first line and further away from said edge; then the circuit component is placed on the circuit board.

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